DFW and American building sixth airport terminal

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW) and American Airlines have
jointly announced a plan to build a sixth terminal.

The airport’s Terminal F could open as soon as 2025 and will
be designed for a gradual build-out of up to 24 gates. DFW and American
estimate that the project will cost between $3 billion and $3.5 billion. The
parties said the project would be financed by bonds to be repaid by charges
airlines pay to the airport for the use of its facilities. 

Also included in the work will be an upgrade of DFW’s
Terminal C to include redesigned check-in areas, larger security checkpoints
and expanded concession areas. 

In a prepared statement, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said, “This will further solidify DFW’s standing as one of
the best international airports in the world.”

Earlier this month, American completed a 15-gate expansion in what had been the unoccupied Terminal
E. That project is allowing American to add approximately 100 regional flights
per day this summer. American will operate more than 900 daily flights in June
from DFW, which is its largest hub. 

DFW served 69 million customers in 2018, and the airport anticipates adding more passengers in the next two years than it did in the
past two decades.

Design work for Terminal F will begin immediately, DFW and
American said, with details to be finalized as part of a new lease
agreement that is being negotiated.

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