An Air France passenger says a flight attendant offered to move her seat and 'just shrugged' when a man took off his pants mid-air

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  • On February 18, an Air France passenger named Lizzie Thompson took to Twitter after she said that a man on her flight from Paris, France, to Los Angeles, California, removed his pants and socks while mid-air.
  • In a tweet, Thompson said that a flight attendant offered to move her seat after she alerted him of the pants-less passenger.
  • When Thompson suggested that the employee ask the man to put his pants back on, she said the flight attendant “just shrugged.”
  • Thompson also claimed that the man asked another rider to play ukulele music with him, and later took four mini bottles of wine from a food cart before falling asleep.

An Air France passenger took to Twitter on Monday after she says a man on her flight from Paris, France, to Los Angeles, California, removed his pants and socks while in mid-air.

According to tweets from passenger Lizzie Thompson, the man allegedly removed his pants in a bathroom before takeoff, and later removed his shoes and socks. Thompson claimed that the passenger – who she said was sitting in the seat across from her – spent the remainder of the flight in his boxers.

The man in the seat across from me has taken HIS PANTS OFF for the flight and is just in his boxers. Flight attendants seem unconcerned. This is going to be a long flight @AirFranceFR #CDG to #LAX

Thompson shared photos of the alleged incident on Twitter.

He has also removed his socks.

After removing some of his clothes, the man attempted to play music with another passenger who was carrying a ukulele onboard, according to Thompson.

He just shouted at a man who boarded with a ukulele (also have questions) to COME SIT WITH ME AND MAKE SOME MUSIC. Wtf is going on.

According to her tweets, Thompson eventually alerted a flight attendant about the pants-less man, and the employee offered to move her seat.

Thompson said that she didn’t want to lose the bulkhead legroom she had, and therefore asked the attendant if he could ask the man to put his pants back on. According to Thompson, the flight attendant “just shrugged.”

Update @AirFranceFR – alerted the flight attendant. He offered to move me (which would mean losing my bulkhead legroom) but just shrugged when I suggested he ask the man to put his pants back on.

Two hours into the flight, Thompson claims the man stood up, picked up four mini bottles of wine, and then fell asleep. Four hours later, she said he put on a puffy coat, but still chose to sit in his boxers. 

Just landed. 2 hours in he stood up and took 4 mini bottles of wine from the cart. Then he fell asleep. Then 6 hours in he got cold so PUT ON HIS PUFFY JACKET

To wrap up her Twitter thread, Thompson answered a few of the most commonly asked questions she received about her alleged experience and confirmed he didn’t play the ukulele.

To answer a few q’s I’ve seen:

1. He took pants off in the plane bathroom pre-takeoff. He put them back on pre-landing in aisle right next to me.

2. He was neither American nor French

3. No ukulele was played, [email protected] #CDG to #LAX

Representatives for Lizzie Thompson and Air France did not immediately reply to INSIDER’s requests for comment. 

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