Hand luggage: Always do this with cabin baggage to beat Ryanair & easyJet restrictions

Flights require plane passengers to become increasingly savvy with hand luggage. As budget airlines continue to clamp down on cabin baggage size, travellers need to be careful with their approach. Although what you choose to pack and how you pack it is important, it’s also about what you pack it in. Your choice of hand luggage carrier could make all the difference, an expert has revealed.

If you’re travelling with hand luggage only on a budget airline, I would recommend opting for a large rucksack rather than a small suitcase with wheels

David Scotland

Many holidaymakers choose to travel with small, wheeled suitcases – but there might be a better option.

Large rucksacks could, in fact, help you beat budget airline hand luggage rules, David Scotland from Outdoor World Direct, said.

“If you’re travelling with hand luggage only on a budget airline, I would recommend opting for a large rucksack rather than a small suitcase with wheels,” David told Express.co.uk.

You are more likely to avoid attention with a bag on your back than you are with a suitcase.

This means you are less likely to be asked to put your bag in the hold, which can infuriate travellers hoping for a smooth and quick journey.

“Some airlines make passengers check in their hand luggage (free of charge) if it is a small suitcase,” David explained.

“This means waiting around unnecessarily to collect baggage unnecessarily at arrivals.”

Rucksacks can also be a better practical option than suitcases thanks to the storage they offer.

David said: “Large camping rucksacks also offer convenient pockets which can be used for stowing passports, snacks and water so that you don’t have to open your hand luggage on the plane or dig around for your passport.

“Just be sure to check the dimensions of the rucksack complies with your airline’s regulations beforehand.”

Another frequent traveller has advised the colour of your hand luggage could be important too.

Hand luggage rules and restrictions

Hand luggage rules: What is allowed onboard an aeroplane?

Hand luggage rules: What is and isn’t allowed onboard

A Ryanair passenger posted on consumer site Money Saving Expert that they advise opting for a black bag in order to remain inconspicuous. 

“Take a black case to blend in,” the anonymous traveller said. “I made the schoolboy error of buying my case in florescent pink rather than black, which means I stick out like a sore thumb and get stopped every single time when boarding.

“Never a problem and my case WILL fit in their cage, but I’ve always noticed people with HUGE black cases wheeling past me smugly while a poor flight attendant is sweating, trying to shove my case into the checker cage while saying ‘I’m sure it’ll go in’(sic).”

The passenger also recommended putting your case into the checker cage upside down to improve your chances of it being allowed on board.

Ryanair current hand luggage rules have seen the overall volume permitted for free dropped by almost two-thirds from 58 litres to 20 litres. These are the restrictions explained. 

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