Why everyone is talking about this San Diego cafe breakfast

Tourists are flocking to this cafe to try its famous breakfast. But there’s something unusual about the egg.

A California cafe is going viral on social media thanks to its massive fried breakfast — which is headlined by one outrageously enormous egg, news.com.au reports.

Tourists are flocking to the Provisional Kitchen in San Diego to tuck into the brunch dish, which features all the traditional elements of a brekky fry-up, including bacon, sausages, tomatoes, some kind of hash, chutneys, toast and avocado.

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Sunny side up ostrich egg 🍳 #thetrendybite

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Sunny side up ostrich egg 🍳 #thetrendybite

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But the centrepiece is an ostrich egg, which is equivalent to about 16 chicken eggs.

The massive egg, sourced from a nearby farm, weighs up to 1.3kg and is served sunny side up.

The mighty meal will set you back US$75, or NZ$109 — but it could probably feed a family of four, to be honest.

Sunnyside up ostrich breakfast 🐣yummy! @alwaysbecarlos @thegraysupernova @julie100209

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The breakfast’s popularity has surged since a video of the ostrich egg being cooked and served was shared on Facebook, where it has racked up more than 41 million views.

And in case you’re wondering, Provisional Kitchen sounds like a winner — it’s got four and a half out of five stars on TripAdvisor.

This ostrich egg is equal to 16 chicken eggs. 🥚

And plenty of visitors have been won over by the ostrich egg.

“It’s colossal!” one TripAdvisor reviewer said. “Easily shareable with 8 people. Served with bacon, potatoes, sausage on the same humungous plate, this will be the centrepiece of your brunch! Definitely enjoy and make reservations in advance!”

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