Explore the World With Central Holidays

Travelers can explore the world with Central Holidays. The tour operator offers vacations in destinations around the globe.

The company began offering tours in Italy and the Mediterranean in 1972 and now offers access to some of the world’s most popular destinations as well as its lesser-known locales, including Egypt, Europe, Africa and West Asia.

Central Holidays offers travel to an ever-growing range of destinations and the tour operator has offices in Latin America, time-tested expertise in Cuba and decades of delivering meticulously planned travel experiences throughout Europe, the Holy Land and beyond. Its in-country relationships and specialized knowledge, Central Holidays is second to none.


Italy is where it all began for Central Holidays and the company offers authentically rich programs throughout the country. In 2019, Central Holidays further added to its Italy product, and the tour operator knows gives its guests insider-access to destinations around the country, from its most popular attractions in Rome, Florence and Venice to the undiscovered charms of Puglia, Sardinia, and Corsica.

Central Holidays takes the traveler to the fertile lands of Piemonte that yield world-famous truffles and Barolo wine. Guests enjoy the mesmerizing colors of the Cinque Terre, the decadent cuisine and inspired the art of Tuscany and soak in the natural beauty of rugged hilltop villages and sunny mountainous coastlines along the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean

When it comes to the Med, Central Holidays have insider knowledge of the countries that line the sea, including Greece, France, Malta, Spain, Portugal and Croatia. Its meticulously planned itineraries and ultra-personalized programs give guests authentically rich experiences.

Travelers don’t have to stick to the Mediterranean coast. The tour operator offers guests the opportunity to visit picture-perfect Provence and bustling Madrid and well as famous seaside cities such as Lisbon, Barcelona, Dubrovnik, the island of Malta and more.


In Egypt, Central Holidays is backed by Egypt-headquartered parent company, Sakkara Group International (SGI), giving the tour operator the ability to offer a breadth of experiences in the country. Central Holidays offers Nile Cruises, hotels and destination management in-country.

Clients can visit the cosmopolitan city of Cairo, travel to Luxor and see the Valley of the Kings. Nile cruises take guests to Esna, Edfu, Kom Ombo, and Aswan and more. In Abu Simbel, travelers with Central Holidays tour the Great Temple of Ramses II and the temple of Queen Nefertari. They can also explore lesser-known gems, including Qasr Ibrim and experience rest, relaxation and rejuvenation in coastal resort destinations along the Red Sea.

Africa, West Asia

Central Holidays takes guests deeper into the Middle East and Africa. The tour operator has recently introduced journeys in Oman, complementing its offerings in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Eastern and Southern Africa, also newer destinations for the company.

In Oman, guests can get to know this lesser-known West Asia gem, visiting its capital of Muscat, enjoying sunset sailings, 4X4 desert safaris, grand mosques, traditional souks and more.

Latin America and Cuba

Central Holidays offers experiences in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador & the Galapagos, Panama, Peru and Cuba. Travelers can uncover the ancient archeological wonders of Peru, experience wine culture in Argentina and visit the far-flung wonders of Easter Island and salt flats of Bolivia among other adventures around Latin America.

In Cuba, Central Holidays offers licensed People-to-People cultural and educational exchange programs. Travelers have the opportunity to explore the country’s cities, small fishing villages and beautiful natural wonders with Havana as a focal point, with its fortress, museums, cigar and rum factories, plazas, parks and more.

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