You wouldn’t want to be scared of heights

A couple and their young daughter have put their lives at risk and braved a terrifying cliff walk, with video showing the trio gripping to a single metal bar as they inch along the edge of a 60-metre cliff drop.

The group of three held hands as the youngster led the way across Giddy Edge in Derbyshire’s Peak District, a popular walking trail that overlooks Matlock Bath, about 90 minutes from Manchester.

The footpath photographed is considered to be one of Britain’s most dangerous pathways, with

the only safety feature on the trail being a thin black iron hand rail to keep people from falling 60 metres.

Signs close to the walk warn walkers: “Sheer drop. Keep well back from edge. Keep children under close supervision.”

But despite the dangers, the cliff face draws walkers from far and wide every year. However walkers, no matter how seasoned, are often advised to avoid the path in windy and rainy conditions.

The family gripped on to a single black rail.Source:Supplied

“The views all around are magnificent, and if you dare to walk to the edge and look over you’ll be rewarded with an exhilarating feeling,” one person who had also walked the trail said on social media.

The family held hands as they walked the trail.Source:Supplied

“For the adventurous a walk around Giddy Edge clinging onto the iron handrail is a must,” another added.

But one warned: “Not suitable for children or indeed it turned out my husband!

“The path takes you along the edge of the cliff face with a very steep drop, which was too much for my hubby!!!!”

He and countless others instead took an alternative route that avoids Giddy Edge.

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