Vanlife couple convert a removal van into incredible dream home – ‘best thing we ever did’

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Londoners, Chris and Cat, converted an incredible removal van to set off on their dream adventure. The couple had always been fans of the vanlife lifestyle.

After their kids left home and their work commitments shifted, they decided to put their dream into reality.

The pair found a 7.5 tonne DAF lorry for sale and thought the ex-removal van would make the perfect travelling vehicle.

Cat said: “We did everything ourselves. We knew we wanted a nice wood interior to give it that rustic feel.

“We had a few different ideas we’d sketched up, but as we started the build some things had to change as the project evolved.”


The pair named their new incredible van, Florry, and added a custom built full kitchen and a wood burner.

“This final version of Florry is quite different from what we initially planned, but we absolutely love it.

“A lot of hard work has gone into Florry but she’s the perfect home for us.”

Florry also boasts a bathroom with a shower, an elevated bed and a table that can be used for eating or working at.

It also has fully integrated water and heating systems and even has its own solar panels to generate electricity.

Cat told “The best thing we ever did was buy a wood burner. Now we spend a lot of cosy nights sat in front of the fire, especially with this blustery winter weather!

“It’s also a great way to save on heating costs!”

Cat works part time as a freelance photographer and reckons the renovation cost the pair around £10,000 to £15,000 to complete.

Cat told “We always knew we’d go full-time one day. When our commitments changed about three years ago, we felt it was the perfect time to make the jump.

“We were in a position to go for remote working, and our kids had grown up, so it just seemed silly to keep living in a brick and mortar home with just the two of us.

“We were working every hour under the sun just to maintain a home that was getting used less and less.

“It pushed us to our limit, to the point where Chris had a breakdown. We thought enough was enough, we wanted a simpler life, and now was the time to try and make it happen.”

She added: “We both love the simpler things in life and are big fans of the great outdoors.”

So far, the couple have explored Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Holland, Spain and over the UK with their trusty chocolate labrador, Rolo.

Dominic Hickman, consultant at We Buy Broken Vans, told “It’s easy to see how much love was poured into this project.

“It’s even better to see an old van like Florry being given a new lease on life. It’s an unfortunate fact that most commercial vehicles end up on the scrap heap, which is a real shame, especially when they have some life still left in them.

“It’s great to see one get a new lease of life in such a creative, quirky way.”

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To follow Cat and Chris’ adventures, follow their Instagram @florrythelorry or YouTube.

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