Carnival Elation Releases Gray Water at Port Canaveral

Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Elation discharged some gray water about 9 a.m. Thursday while docked at Port Canaveral in Florida. Gray water is used for plumbing, laundry and showers and does not contain sewage.

“Yesterday at Port Canaveral, while Carnival Elation was discharging water from its ballast systems—which helps stabilize the ship for navigational purposes—a gray water valve failed and unintentionally discharged gray water from non-sewage wastewater systems. No sewage was discharged,” Carnival said in a statement.

“The issue was quickly addressed and resolved by shipboard personnel, and all appropriate authorities were notified. Carnival Elation was cleared to sail and departed on its scheduled four-day cruise yesterday afternoon.”

Steve Linden, Port Canaveral’s director of communications and public affairs, told Florida Today that Carnival reported the incident to the Coast Guard. “The majority of the discharge is just water, and not a threat to the environment or wildlife,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.

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