Cruise guest issues warning about ‘awful’ mistake

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A new cruise passenger asked people on Reddit whether they should book a cruise with a lot of sea days. Sea days are when the cruise ship is in the middle of the ocean and not at a port.

While some cruise itineraries will have very few sea days, or even none at all, transatlantic cruises may spend a lot of time at sea.

A guest said: “I would never suggest a transatlantic for a first cruise. For me, I long to do one.

“Nothing but the ocean sounds perfect. But if you end up not liking cruising or sea days it would be awful.”

Cruise itineraries often come down to personal preference but it might not be a good idea to book a sea heavy cruise.

If guests aren’t sure whether they’ll enjoy cruising, it’s a better idea to include a lot of ports to make sure they can get time off the ship.

Another guest said: “Your first cruise- transatlantic is way too many sea days in this situation!”

A passenger advised: “Go for less sea days. If you’re feeling too exhausted, go ahead and stay onboard, or browse the port area and promise that next time you go there, you’ll do more.

“On the other cruise, you’ll probably find yourself getting bored with that many sea days in a row, and without the option to leave the ship and explore a port area.”

On the majority of cruise ships, guests can choose to stay onboard even while the ship is at port.

If guests decide they prefer the ship to exploring destinations, they could always choose to remain on the ship.

However, they should be aware that some areas may be closed for cleaning while most of the guests are off the ship.

Another person added: “I definitely would not do many consecutive sea days for a first cruise.

“I always heard about how there was so much to do on the ship, but I personally was super bored during consecutive sea days.

“I only had one mild seasick day but being stuck on a boat can definitely feel claustrophobic.”

If a guest gets seasick, a huge number of sea days could be a nightmare and cause them to feel trapped.

However, some holidaymakers said the main reason they chose to go on a cruise was to spend time on the ship.

One guest said: “I love days at sea. It is what makes a cruise for us. It is the most relaxing. Absolutely no place to go.”

Another guest added: “Too many sea days is better. I specifically pay for cruises to relax and disconnect.”

A regular cruise guest said: “I love going places but I love sea days more. They are by far the most relaxing days you will spend on a cruise.

“You’ve got nowhere to be and nothing to do. Every port day you have to get breakfast, pack everything you’ll need, get your group together.”

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