Cruise guest shares ‘amazing first day’ tip

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A cruise passenger shared their top tip for the first day on Reddit. Mega cruise ships often have a lot of decks, all packed with activities.

The guest said: “On the first day, I love to walk the entire ship. I start at the bottom floor, walk across, up, and repeat.

“This is amazing for quite a few reasons. It kills time during the most boring part of the cruise, waiting for staterooms to be ready and bags to arrive.”

Passengers will only have their hand luggage on the first day onboard as baggage is usually delivered to the room later on.

Guests normally won’t have access to their staterooms until the afternoon or evening as crew will need to clean them after the previous voyage.

The passenger added: “You discover things before anyone else, allowing you to use them before they’re crowded.”

New cruise ships will often have headline activities that many of the guests will want to experience.

The first day could be the perfect time to try something new as there is unlikely to be a long queue.

“You get familiar with the ship very quickly, which means you can ditch the maps sooner,” added the passenger.

Huge cruise ships are often described as ‘floating cities’ and it can be easy to get lost onboard.

While cruise lines will provide maps on their app, it’s a good idea to use the first day to become familiar with the ship.

The passenger said: “You can build a list of things to do, and make any necessary reservations before the rush.”

Some restaurants and activities will require passengers to make a reservation and won’t accept walk-ins.

On the first day, guests can check out the ship’s restaurants and make reservations at any they don’t want to miss.

Some activities like surf simulators or laser quest may also require bookings and the first day is a great time to sort this.

The guest added: “As for what’s worth the money, anything that will make a fun memory! Participating in a game show, swimming with dolphins, ancient ruins etc.”

Guests will need to pay extra for some activities or excursions but may want to do so to enhance their holiday.

They said: “Anything you can do at home, or won’t be memorable, should just be filler around the real activities.”

Cruise holidays usually allow guests to build their own experience as they can pick and choose what they’d like to do.

In most cases, the ship’s buffet and main dining room will be included in a guest’s package while specialty restaurants will cost extra.

Guests can also purchase drinks packages, tours and excursions or activities before boarding the ship.

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