Cruise guest shares reason they ‘really don’t like’ excursions

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A cruise passenger on Reddit has shared all the things they dislike about cruising. They said some of the issues were related to being a solo traveller.

The cruise guest said: “What I don’t love? The double cost for solo travellers. I get having to pay for both halves of the cabin.

“I’d do the same for a hotel room, but I don’t eat two dinners, take up two seats in the theatre etc.”

Solo travellers will usually have to pay the full cost for a double room which could see them paying far more than a couple.

Guests travelling solo could try asking their agent or cruise company if there are any deals on offer for single tourists.

The guest added: “You’re limited to sites within a reasonable distance from the coast. So, Barcelona was great, but you’re not seeing Madrid on a cruise.”

It might sound obvious but cruise ships are limited to visiting cities that are on the coast or riverside if it’s a river cruise.

This doesn’t mean passengers won’t have inland cities on their itinerary but they will need to take a bus, train or transfer from the port.

This may even be the case in some coastal cities such as Venice as the city has banned cruise ships from the lagoon.

“I really don’t like most ship excursions,” the guest added, saying: “The 50 person bus, the mandatory shopping stop at their preferred vendors etc.

“My answer to that is I almost always book third party excursions unless the place to visit is really far, or it’s a port I just don’t feel particularly safe in.”

Cruise ship excursions might not be for everyone, particularly if guests aren’t fans of exploring in large tour groups.

However, passengers can book their own excursions through third party companies, they’ll just need to check reviews first to make sure they will be back at the ship on time.

They added: “I’ve also found that I’m getting a little bored on the same cruise line, so I’ll probably try a few others just to mix things up.”

Luckily a huge range of cruise ships are on offer for British travellers and there’s something to suit every taste.

While the guest had plenty of concerns about cruising, they still said they loved cruise holidays.

They said: “It’s a great way to travel for single people, other than the cost. I feel safe on a cruise ship, I can be with people as much as I want and I can be alone as much as I want.

“Cruisers are generally super friendly people, so striking up conversations tends to be pretty easy.

“Cruising is a great way to see a lot of places and only having to unpack once. You’re in a new country every morning!

“No need to spend time checking in and out of hotels, making your way between cities and countries.

“It all happens while you sleep. And it really turns out to be a relatively cost effective way to vacation.”

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