Cruise guests expose the mystery of the ship’s ‘naughty room’

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Cruise ships often have a lot of decks and passengers won’t have access to all the rooms. But apart from the engine room, kitchens and crew dining room, there’s another room guests aren’t allowed to enter.

A cruise guest asked experienced cruise guests on Reddit if they had any experience with the ship’s “naughty room”.

In cruise lingo, the ‘naughty room’ is where confiscated items are kept until the end of the cruise trip.

Guests could have items confiscated if they break the rules and bring a banned item when they board the ship.

A guest said: “I was called to the naughty room for smuggled wine. I asked if I could just donate it to the security crew.

“The guy digging in my bag didn’t even look up and said ‘you already did’.”

Although that guest claimed the security crew drank their confiscated wine, in most cases it will be returned at the end of the trip.

Some cruise lines allow passengers to bring a limited amount of alcohol to drink in their cabin during the trip.

This allowance varies between cruise companies but is usually about two bottles of wine or six beers.

Another guest said: “You’re not allowed to bring items that plug in and heat up. So no irons, steamers, heaters, coffee makers etc.”

Guests can’t bring anything that heats up on a cruise as it could be a fire hazard. Open flames are also a risk so candles are usually banned.

Hair straighteners or curlers are usually exempt from the ban but guests might want to check the guidelines before boarding.

If a passenger does try to board with a banned item, it will be taken to the naughty room until the end of the cruise.

A passenger said: “When we walked off the ship on Sunday, the Naughty Table was there for folks to pick up their confiscated items.

“There must’ve been 25-30 clothing steamers and a dozen irons, plus more power strips with surge suppressors that you could count while simply walking past the table.

“It was a rather impressive six foot long table with another box alongside it. The cruise line does not throw anything away.

“They write you a receipt for it and at the end of the cruise you can pick up your item at the table after you’ve collected your bags and are on your way out of the terminal.”

Guests can also hand over alcohol or other banned items if they purchase them while out on an excursion.

One passenger said they took matters into their own hands and “downed four or five” drinks they purchased at the port after they were told they couldn’t bring them on.

They said: “They stopped me from carrying beverages I purchased at a port, which I only bought because they’d mistakenly sent out a notice saying you could bring non-alcoholic beverages aboard ship that you purchased at that stop.”

However, this dramatic approach might not have been necessary as usually, the cruise line will give the items back at the end of the holiday.

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