Cruise guests moan about ‘selfish’ fellow passengers

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The golden rule of any cruise is to be on time for the ship’s departure. But unfortunately, there are often a few guests who are late back.

Late guests are sometimes known as “pier runners” and even filmed as they hurry along the shore to make the ship.

Although it may be out of their control, many guests don’t take kindly to “pier runners”, even describing the late passengers as “selfish”.

A passenger wrote on Reddit: “Thousands of people have to wait for you, thousands of people who managed to be onboard on time. You should be ashamed.”

In some cases, other guests will have to wait for late passengers but the ship will sometimes depart without them.

Cruise ships usually operate to a strict schedule and have to leave the port at their allotted time.

This means they can’t wait that long for later passengers who may have to fly to meet the ship at the next port.

Cruise excursions are often an exception to this rule as the ship will usually wait for passengers made late on a cruise ship.

Another passenger said: “They are selfish a***s with poor time management. They deserve mockery and shaming for putting their interests ahead of the ship’s.”

On YouTube, several videos of pier runners have gone viral. The latecomers often face jeers and taunts from other passengers.

One passenger said guests were justified in making fun of the latecomers as they had been kept waiting.

They wrote: “They have made the time and effort to get back on time. Yes, things happen even with the best of plans, but it is irresponsible to turn up just on time.

“People who are late keep everyone else who did the right thing waiting. Everyone who does their own thing needs to keep time.”

Passengers could be caught out if the port is a long way from the city centre, as is often the case.

Guests will need to plan enough time to get back to the port if they are using public transport and factor in traffic.

Passengers might also be late if they don’t realise that the ship is operating under its own time system.

Cruise ships usually run to “ship time” to avoid passengers becoming confused by changing time zones.

However, passengers’ mobiles or other electronic devices may automatically change time zones based on their location.

Guests could carry a wristwatch set to “ship time” to ensure they make it back to the cruise on time.

If passengers are running late, they could contact their cruise line to see if there’s any chance that the ship can wait.

The ship will usually stay open so passengers can return early if they are worried about missing it.

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