Cruise guests warned over excursions – ‘Check your watch’

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Cruise holidaymakers often book a lot of excursions for their port days. However, they will need to be careful to make it back to the ship.

Whether it’s a Scandinavian cruise or a Caribbean voyage, the majority of passengers are eager to get off the ship and explore.

Ships often offer their own excursions but passengers can also book tours with separate companies or go off exploring on their own.

However, they’ll need to make sure they make it back to the boat after they finish their excursion.

One guest said on Reddit: “Be back on board 30 minutes before the advertised departure time or be left behind.

“The ship may leave your passport and bags with the port agent if you are lucky. Check out YouTube videos of people running towards ships that have already left.”

If a passenger is late back to the ship, the cruise line will often be forced to leave them behind to keep its time slot.

As the guest said, sometimes a cruise line will leave a passenger’s belongings at the port, but there’s no guarantee.

However, there are a few ways that passengers can make sure they get back to the ship on time.

The guest said: “Be 100 percent sure of the advertised departure time before you leave the ship. There will be a sign at the gangway.

“If you take a ship excursion and it returns you to the ship, you are golden, as long as you get straight back on the ship.”

Guests will be told the time of the ship’s departure and should aim to be back on the ship a bit early.

If holidaymakers opt for an excursion with the cruise company, the tour operator will make sure they are back on time.

The guest added: “Be 100 percent of the local time. You may be travelling through different time zones.

“Check your watch before you leave the ship.”

Cruise ships will often travel through different time zones which may be disorientating for passengers.

Some cruise ships have apps for their guests which will display the home time and the current local time.

Guests will need to make sure they’re aware of the local time zone to ensure they make it back on time.

Passengers should also be aware that they may not have as long as they think to explore a destination.

One person advised: “Takes a bit of time for customs/officials to clear the ship once you arrive, not too long.

“Should be off the ship within 45 minutes of arrival. The ‘all aboard’ time is generally a bit before departure.”

Videos of people who have missed the ship and are racing to catch it, or pier runners, often go viral on social media.

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