Cruise passenger shares ‘worst cruise experience’ ever

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Cruises are a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy the seas. It is also a time to venture off the boat and explore your surroundings in new, exotic destinations. Packing for a cruise is an expert skill because there are so many things to do on and off the ship. But how do you cope if your luggage gets lost?

Being away from home for an extended period can be enough to put people on edge, but at least holidaymakers can pack their favourite clothes and home comforts with them when they go on a cruise.

At least, that’s what passengers hope to do. However, one couple was left in the lurch when their airline lost their luggage.

Cruise passenger @TheChadd took to sharing platform Reddit to reveal how he and his wife managed when their airline lost a bag.

He told fellow cruisers: “On my very first cruise (2009), the airline lost my wife’s luggage.

“So my wife embarked with only the clothes she was wearing. She had to buy clothes at every port.”

However, despite the unfortunate incident and being left with only the clothes on her back, @The Chadd revealed that things weren’t all bad.

He stated: “Southwest Airlines reimbursed my wife $100/day [around £93] for five days! That was more than the cost of the cruise.”

Luckily, the airline was able to recover his wife’s luggage before they flew home from their travels. 

What’s more, the cruise ship staff were extremely compassionate towards his wife and made her life a little easier throughout her stay.

The cruiser continued: “Carnival [Cruise Line] gave her a free session at the hair salon, free gown rental for formal night, and free toiletries. I think maybe a couple of other perks, too.”

A fellow cruiser shared their advice for avoiding a lost luggage diaster.

@Domino619 commented: “This is one of my biggest worries everytime I travel.

“We split our clothes between the carry-ons and the checked bags. That way if one is lost, we have clothes in three more bags.”

This cruiser add that they always put their “favourite” items in their carry-on, just in case.

Travel expert Simon Calder advised passengers to avoid checking in bags alltogether, and if they must, “don’t allow anything to go in the hold that you cannot afford to lose”.

According to Citizens Advice, travellers should claim for delayed or missing luggage within 21 days of the flight.

Luggage is lost after 21 days, and passengers should claim as soon as possible after this.

However, Citizens Advice told Britons: “You’re more likely to get compensation if you act quickly.”

It advised affected holidaymakers to report the problem to the airline straight away.

They should also check any deadlines, as they may have to claim within seven days of their flight.

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