Cruise passengers warned of ‘outrageously expensive’ fees

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Going on a first cruise holiday? Experienced guests have shared their top items to pack for a holiday at sea.

A guest wrote on Reddit: “Have some flip flops or sandals to wear on the pool deck, as you can’t go into the buffet with bare feet.”

All cruise lines will have their own dress codes so it’s worth reading up on the rules before packing.

However, it’s a good idea to have a cheap pair of flip flops to wear by the pool and at the nearby bars.

Passengers could also use their flip flops if they visit the beach as part of their cruise holiday itinerary.

The guest added: “You should take enough underwear, socks and change of shirts to last the whole nine days without needing to do laundry.

“Not all ships have a guest laundry available and it’s outrageously expensive to get laundry done. Take a couple of sturdy garbage bags to throw your dirty clothes in.”

Many cruise lines will have a laundry service for guests but this can be extremely expensive to use.

While it may be convenient, guests could save money by packing enough clothes for their entire trip.

“Bring all the medications you’d want to have handy for the chance that you get a cold, fever, Covid or the squirts,” advised the guest.

They added: “Even basic things like paracetamol and throat lozenges can be expensive or difficult to find on the ship to buy.”

Passengers may find it expensive to buy medicines onboard the ship so it’s a good idea to pack any essentials.

Although guests may find time to visit pharmacies onshore, they may not wait to waste their port day queuing.

The guest said: “It’s a good idea for you and or your travelling companion to have something like a backpack, tote bag or beach bag to use on sea days on the ship.

“Otherwise every time you want something from your room it’s a 20 minute round trip to get it.”

If tourists book a boutique cruise they may be travelling on a smaller ship so won’t have such a long journey.

However, mega cruise ships can have a lot of decks and passengers won’t want to keep traipsing to their room.

They added: “Bring books to read or similar time-filling amusement for downtime on sea days.

“Crossroads/puzzles, iPads or a phone with games. Deck of cards if games are your thing. It’s really nice to be able to just lounge up on the top deck and look out at the sea all day and take trips to the pool and bar.”

Some cruise ships will have plenty of onboard activities for guests but it’s a good idea to pack some entertainment.

Sea days can be tiring if guests don’t have anything to do and keep them occupied while they cruise.

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