Cruise: ‘World’s most expensive cruise ship’ staff must abide by strict appearance rules

Cruise ships: Restaurant manager imposes strict rules on staff

Cruise ship guests hoping to enjoy a journey onboard Regent Seven Sea’s luxury cruise liner are looking at shelling out anywhere from £700 to £8,000 a night. With so much money at stake, it’s no surprise the experience is one of the most opulent in the ocean, with every detail accounted for.

Along with artwork worth $6million (£4,386,810) and stunning chandeliers worth $4million (£2,924,540) adding glitz and glamour to the ship’s aesthetic, even the appearance of the 500+ staff is part of the experience.

In Channel 5’s documentary, Secrets of the World’s Most Expensive Cruise Ships, these regulations can be seen put into force at one of the staff’s daily “grooming inspections”.

In one scene, while the kitchen staff are putting the finishing touches to some of the mouth-watering dishes due to be served up, the waiting staff are under observation from the French fine dining restaurant manager Renato.

For Renato, looking the part is of the utmost importance when serving guests at mealtimes.

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He said: “I always hear this expression: if you look good you feel good, and if you feel good you do good.”

Not only must staff ensure they are wearing their full uniform, but there are also some more intricate style rules to follow.

These cover everything from ensuring the right socks are worn, to specific rules on personal grooming.

In a clip from the show, Renato can be seen going along his line of staff, eyeballing their entire look.

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Any staff who are found to not be following his exact rules are marked down.

One of his main rules is to do with the length of socks, and he says this is for a very specific region.

“Socks must always be half leg,” he stated.

“Why? If you bend down guests can not see your legs”.

Along with socks, Renato is also pedantic about his staff’s shoes.

Two members of staff in the scene are told their shoes could do with “a better polish”.

Along with socks and shoes, he also expects staff members to maintain adequate grooming standards.

This means not letting nails grow too long, and staying within a specific length limit.

The restaurant manager proclaims he “wants everything to be perfect” for his guests.

Of course, with some guests paying more than £60,000 for an all-inclusive holiday onboard the Regent Seven Sea’s Explorer, attention to detail is everything.

Guests can expect “plush” carpets, an array of famous artworks from the likes of Picasso, and, in the ship’s most opulent suite, a bathroom clad in real gold.

As head butler for the £8,000 a night Regent Suite explained: “Everything has to be perfect and immaculate.”

Secrets Of The World’s Most Expensive Cruise Ships is on Channel 5, Friday at 7:00pm.

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