Cruises: Cruise ship officer reveals the WORST cabins to be booked onto on board a ship

Cruise holidays are prime escapes for holidaymakers craving a complete rest. The vessels, whether they be on long or short haul routes, offer a luxurious selection of cabins and spots to chill out in. Some are perfect for a couples’ getaway while others offer a huge space for families. Yet the location of the cabins, where passengers primarily sleep, and where crew take a break after their hectic shifts, is of prime importance.

The former cruise ship worker, who was employed on cruise ships for more than five years, let slip the revelation in his new book, Chronicles of a Cruise Ship Crew Member.

Joshua wrote: “To top it all off, most crew cabins are below hallways, and if you’re unlucky enough to live below the 1-95, that is the main hallway for crew, you’ll enjoy an entire symphony of annoying sounds, including one that occurs at regular intervals day and night that sounds like a prisoner in hefty chains is being dragged by his feet by a crazy horse along the deck above you.

“To this day I still don’t know what that was.

“Earplugs are a crew members first ship-life love affair.”

It appears the rooms on this floor are usually occupied by staff and not passengers, so they may escape the disruption.

Meanwhile, tipping the other end of the scale, it does appear passengers are affected in a different way.

The food offering on board a ship is such a huge draw, claims one former cruise worker, that it results in a whopping combined passenger weight gain.

Jay Herring, who worked for companies including Carnival Cruise, detailed his thought in his new book, The Truth About Cruise Ships.

Talking of the speculated increase in passenger weight he said: “Time on board was limited, and togged their money’s worth, passengers gained a collective six tonnes as they maximised their food intake.

“The same mindset, I think, is partly what made passengers drink more than they would on land.

“On a cruise nobody had to work the next day or stay sober to drive home.”

Jay added: “It was an environment tailor made for heavy consumption.”

Meanwhile, the author also shed light on a bizarre related concept.

He told of the “curious phenomenon” on board a cruise liner which may have come as a surprise to some travellers.

He has dubbed alcohol consumption, and excessive drinking in particular, as a “curious phenomenon”.

In his new book, The Truth About Cruise Ships, he said: “Excessive alcohol consumption is a curious phenomenon on board cruise ships.”

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