Passenger shares how they ‘lost weight’ on a cruise holiday

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Cruise holidays are the perfect chance to indulge. However, many guests fear that they will gain weight on a cruise ship holiday.

The majority of cruise passengers will have all-inclusive dining which often includes buffets and sweet treats.

While many tourists just want to enjoy themselves on the ship, some passengers worry they will gain weight.

However, several cruise guests have said they actually managed to lose weight on a cruise holiday and shared how they did it.

One passenger wrote on Reddit: “I always lose weight on cruises and I am a huge consumer of provided fare.

“I think it’s the walking and generally more movement. I have a desk job so it’s a pretty big difference.”

Another added: “When I’m cruising I’m active from the moment I wake up until the moment I hit the bed.

“I also have three balanced meals a day with plenty of fruits and vegetables. I get more rest as I’m not waking up at the crack of dawn everyday.

“At home, I don’t have the variety of food and my day is comparatively sedentary, with a burst of energy for about an hour a day when I’m working out.”

While cruise ship buffets might have a lot of indulgent treats on offer, there will also be plenty of healthy food.

Cruise ships always have elevators for guests but passengers who want to stay fit could opt to take the stairs.

One guest said: “When I’m on a cruise, I end up walking a lot around the ship and typically do excursions that involve a fair bit of activity.

“We also tend to take the stairs instead of the elevator, unless something is killing me like knees or other joints.”

Guests who have opted for a cruise visiting cities will also have the chance to stretch their legs on excursions.

One person said: “I lost weight because we were in Europe and every day we walked and walked around the cities or on excursions. My normal job is a desk job.”

Another guest agreed saying: “On a cruise, we’re walking much more. We use stairs if the elevators are crowded.

“We’re busy and typically don’t do three big sit down meals. When we drink, it’s usually not beer or ‘drinks of the day’.”

Another guest shared their top tip for passengers who are worried about gaining weight on a cruise.

They said: “I only take elevators when my shoes are impractical and I’m active all day as opposed to my desk job.

“I splurge on any food that I can’t get or won’t make at home, but try not to overindulge on things like ice cream that I can get anytime I want.”

Guests can also use a ship’s gym facilities and some modern ships even have running tracks for passengers.

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