Royal Caribbean decides not to charge extra for Sorrento's pizza

Sorrento’s is a popular spot for pizza aboard Royal Caribbean ships, but most guests are not willing to pay extra for it, the cruise line discovered.

And so, Sorrento’s pizza will continue to be included in the cruise fare, announced Royal Caribbean International president and CEO Michael Bayley on his Facebook account. 

On Aug. 17, Bayley wrote that Royal Caribbean had conducted a survey to gather customers’ thoughts on paying extra for Sorrento’s pizza. The results: 80% were opposed, 20% would pay extra and 25% would consider cruising elsewhere if Royal Caribbean implemented the charge.

Sorrento’s is busy all day long on Royal Caribbean ships, but the pizza restaurant is a particularly popular late-night spot, as Sorrento’s is open when the buffets, main dining room and specialty restaurants are closed for the evening.

Sorrento’s pizza restaurants are aboard ships in Royal Caribbean’s Freedom, Oasis and Quantum classes.

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