European Waterways ‘Breaks Out the Bubbly’ ·

European Waterways ‘Breaks Out the Bubbly’

As the world breaks out the champagne to toast the New Year, European Waterways is offering 10% off on select cruises aboard Panache in Champagne for select departures in May and June 2020, valid when booked before 6 January 2020.

For the 2020 season launching in March, the luxury hotel barge cruising specialist is offering exclusive experiential excursions in Champagne that now include a tasting of various vintages and a gastronomic lunch at the 18th century Château Les Aulnois in the village of Pierry – the birthplace of champagne. The opportunity is available aboard European Waterways’ Panache and also includes a tour of the original Champagne Henriot vineyards, one of the oldest family-owned domaines that traces its origins to the late 1700’s.

“European Waterways continues to expand and enrich its diverse experiential offerings that include private tours and meals with some of the cruise regions’ most memorable personalities and in distinctive settings,” said Derek Banks, the company’s managing director. “Champagne has a special place in cultures worldwide, and our guests are always fascinated to learn about its history and the unique process that originated in this charming region of Central France.”

Cabins are available at €4,790 (approximately AU$7,700) per person, based on double occupancy, a saving of €900 (approximately AU$1,400) for departures on 7 and 28 June 2020.

Twelve-passenger whole boat charters are available at £52,00 (approximately AU$84,000), a saving of £9,000 (approximately AU$14,000) off the regular price, for the 31 May, 14 June, and 21 June 2020 departures.

Panache cruises through the heart of Champagne from mid-June to mid-July, between Château-Thierry and Châlons-en-Champagne, just weeks before the start of France’s famous grape harvest. The vessel’s six-night, all-inclusive cruises offer a unique immersion into the celebrated history of the sparkling wine and the famous houses that include Moët & Chandon, Henriot and Pannier.

In addition to champagne tastings, Panache visits the magnificent 800-year-old Reims Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece and now a UNESCO World Heritage site where the coronation of the kings of France once took place. Guests will also visit Château-Thierry, the scene of many fierce battles in WW1 and where American Expeditionary Forces first saw action. They will also visit the American cemetery at Belleau Wood, where the combined U.S., French and British forces fought against the Germans.

“The pioneering innovations in the wine-making processes by the Benedictine monk Dom Perignon led to the invention of champagne in the late 17th century, and the world has been celebrating ever since,” said Banks. “In 2020, we invite travellers to celebrate with us in the land that made it all possible.”

Complete information is available in European Waterways’ colourful new 104-page brochure, which details the full range of the company’s exclusive collection of luxury hotel barges and their 6-night, all-inclusive itineraries

About European Waterways

Hotel Barging is a boutique, unique experience which offers an immersive, all-inclusive “gentle voyage of discovery” that focuses upon the culture, history, fine wine and gourmet cuisine of the region. With a 6 to 20-person capacity and 1:2 crew ratio, European Waterways are able to provide an impeccable level of on board service and can transport their guests on the intimate inland waterways that are inaccessible to larger vessels. This fascinating network of smaller canals allows for flexibility, spontaneity and ample opportunity to hop off and explore the beautiful surroundings via bicycle, or on foot. In addition to this there are daily, chauffeured excursions “off the beaten track” to a wide variety of enthralling locations, from exquisite wine tastings to private tours of stately homes. With over 40 years’ experience and a fleet that spans nine countries it is the largest luxury hotel barging company in Europe. For more information, call toll free from Australia 1800 828 050 or visit

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