Great Plains Foundation undertakes rewilding effort in Zimbabwe: Travel Weekly

The Great Plains Foundation, a conservation and community charity, has introduced a rewilding initiative in Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley.

Project Rewild Zambezi will see almost 3,000 animals relocated from Zimbabwe’s Save Valley Conservancy to Great Plains’ 280,000-acre private Sapi Reserve. This initiative will help restore, rewild and protect this essential ecosystem.

(Rewilding is the planned reintroduction plant or animal species into a habitat from which it has disappeared in an effort to increase biodiversity and restore the health of an ecosystem.)

“When I was approached to assist the Save Valley Conservancy with what they deem is an overpopulation of wildlife, I knew that this was something we had to do,” said Great Plains Foundation CEO Dereck Joubert. “Here at Great Plains, we strongly believe that with wildlife in decline across the globe, we must do what we can to protect and enhance biodiversity, and we are thrilled that we can offer this precious wildlife a safe, thriving and plentiful new home at Sapi. And now, with the launch of our new Tembo Plains Camp, our guests can witness and contribute to this incredible project.”

Great Plains is working on expanding its ranger operations in Sapi to protect this influx of wildlife, prevent human-wildlife conflict and support broader wildlife monitoring and anti-poaching in the Zambezi Valley. 

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