Sweetness that awaits in downtown Asakusa ·

Sweetness that awaits in downtown Asakusa

Asakusa, one of Tokyo’s most popular destinations is the best neighbourhood in the city to feel the retro ‘shitamachi’ – downtown vibes. Since the early 1600’s, the variety of craftsmen and merchants were the backbone for Asakusa becoming the major entertainment hub it is today. It also comes as no surprise that it’s bustling streets are the place to go to try various desserts, many that have stayed the same for decades.
If you are craving something sweet while you are exploring the area around the Tobu Asakusa Station, treat yourself to some of these downtown delights.

Candied Sculptures
Amezaiku is a unique Japanese art that originated around the 8th century in which heated candy is cut, pulled and crafted by hand into various shapes. It was a form of entertainment that was enjoyed by children and adults alike in the bustling markets of Downtown Tokyo.
To see these elaborate creations in the making, visit the Ameshin store in Tokyo Solamachi underneath Tokyo Skytree, or visit Ameshin’s branch to attend a workshop and craft your own!

Old-school Sweets at Umezono Kissa
Established in 1854, Umezono dessert café offers classic Japanese desserts, their most popular dish being ‘Awa-zenzai’ – a ‘bubbly’ rice-cake and sweet red bean soup. This sweet dessert is the perfect thing to warm you up in the winter and has been on their menu since they first opened. The special sticky rice with house-made sweet red bean paste dolloped on top is a wonderful combination that has been loved by their patrons for almost 170 years.

Baked Dolls – Ningyo-yaki
Visit Asakusa’s oldest Ningyo-yaki store Kimuraya to see the small ‘doll’ cakes filled with red bean paste. The sweets are baked in special moulds of the cutest shapes and are the perfect snack for people on the go! You’ll be able to witness the whole baking process when you visit the store. Be sure to enjoy them when they are fresh as they only last a few days.

Taiyaki Experience
Considered the international icon of traditional Japanese sweets, the fish-shaped ‘Taiyaki’can be tasted at Asakusa Taiyaki GURAKU. They gained popularity in Asakusa for their delicious pastries with traditional and unique savoury flavours of spicy curry and even bacon and egg! This store also offers unique cooking experiences where you can bake their own traditional Taiyaki, or experiment with your own fillings to create a potential masterpiece.
Be sure to book ahead to secure your spot!

Special ‘An-pan’ combination at Courage
A small bakery in Asakusa named Courage has made the perfect afternoon snack by filling their freshly baked buns with red bean paste and fresh whipped cream. While regular ‘An-pan’ (red bean buns) only have red bean paste, Courage’s buns contain the creamy dairy to take the edge off the sweetness of the bean paste giving the traditional pastry a modern twist. The buns are particularly photogenic due to them being marked with a hot branding iron with the kanji for Asakusa!

About Tobu Railway/Group
The Tobu Railway Co., Ltd. is one of Japan’s largest commuter railway networks which operate in Tokyo as well as in large portions of the surrounding prefectures of Chiba, Saitama, Gunma, and Tochigi. It opened in 1899 and was the first railway in the Kanto region to adopt the use of quadruple tracks, and to this day is Kanto’s largest private railway. Tobu Railways is part of the Tobu Group, which is engaged in other transportation sectors such as bus and taxis, they also operate Department stores, hotels, health clubs, golf courses and theme parks, as real-estate. They are the largest investor in the Tokyo Skytree – the tallest structure in Japan, which is the centrepiece of the large commercial development.
For more information, visit: https://www.tobujapantrip.com/en/

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