Aussie parents fess up to a flirt freeze ·

Aussie parents fess up to a flirt freeze

New research from Carnival Cruise Line finds that almost half of all Aussie parents have forgotten how to flirt with their partner since having kids

New research* from Carnival Cruise Line has revealed that almost two thirds (64 percent) of Aussie parents with kids aged 13-plus haven’t been on a child-free holiday in over a year, and almost half (46 percent) have forgotten how to flirt with their partner since having kids.

Facing a nationwide flirt freeze, Carnival is calling on Aussie parents to spend more quality time together to reignite the flame in their relationship and inject the fun back into their family life. And a cruise with leisurely days lounging on the deck, delicious cuisine and cocktails, and romantic sunsets is the best place to start.

Flirting isn’t the only thing leaving Aussie parents frazzled with many also admitting that the conversation and dance moves don’t come as naturally as they used to before they had kids:

  • 50 percent of parents said, since having kids, they’d forgotten what their partner’s signature dance moves are
  • 45 percent of parents admit to defaulting to talking about their kids on a child-free holiday
  • One in three Aussie parents admit that time together without the kids can be awkward at first

Additionally, the research also showed that Aussie dads in particular are calling out for more quality time with partners. Four in five (83 percent) dads suggested that they’d love to spend more quality time with their other half.

In the midst of the flirt freeze, Carnival has identified an increasing number of Aussie parents sailing child-free and enjoying a second honeymoon, leading the brand to coin the new term, ‘Honeyboomers™’ to describe these couples.

The cruise line has seen an 80 percent increase in Honeyboomers sailing over the past five years.

To help Aussie parents flirt and get their groove back once again, Carnival is trialing the first-ever ‘flirt class’ at sea in October for its Honeyboomer cruisers.

Relationship expert, Jacqui Manning says that prioritising time together as a couple, alone, is key to building romance in a relationship. According to the research, Aussie parents agree, with 90 percent believing that a child-free holiday has the potential to save a relationship.

“It’s easy to let the flirty, fun side of things go by the wayside amongst all of the commitments that come with being a parent, so it’s no surprise that keeping the spark alive in a relationship can be tricky.

“Quality time is one of the key ingredients in helping parents get back to being themselves and feeling confident again to flirt, connect through conversation, and just have fun together again,” said Manning.

“That’s why I’m really excited to be working with Carnival to help Aussie parents get their flirt on and rediscover the playfulness in their relationships,” continued Manning.

Helping Aussie parents reconnect, Jacqui has shared her ‘five ways to flirt like it’s your first date again’.

  • Body language

People are attracted to a person’s warmth which is essentially our nonverbal conversation cues. Think about the flirty cues you’re giving your partner such as leaning in, touching your neck or putting your hands through your hair. Also, keep those arms unfolded, nothing says negativity like folded arms!

  • It’s all in the prep

Remember all the effort you used to put in when you first met, before the kids came along? Set the tone by spending a few extra minutes getting ready so you can look and feel amazing for yourself and your partner.

  • Humour and fun

Flirting might make you feel self-conscious but if you embrace the moment with humour I promise it’ll be worth it. To loosen yourselves up, head along to karaoke or an all singing and dancing show, designed to get a laugh out of one another.

  • Positive self-talk

Putting yourself in a positive frame of mind can lead to great things! Put a stop to any negative self-talk and instead set the expectation that you’re going to have a fun time together. Reminding yourself of the things you love about your partner and what you’re grateful for can get your mind in the right mode.

  • Eye contact

People are often drawn together through the eyes so, take the time to really engage in eye contact while you talk (or don’t talk!) with your partner. As you do, think of those three things you love about your partner and let the love and warmth emanate.

Carnival Cruise Line Vice President Australia, Jennifer Vandekreeke, says, “In a recent survey* we ran with Aussie parents returning from a child-free Carnival cruise, over 70 percent said they felt more connected as a couple. It’s wonderful to hear that so many Australian parents are already reaping the benefits of a Honeyboom and rediscovering how to have fun as a couple as they cruise. With over 45 activities a day, from cocktail making classes to karaoke fun, a Carnival cruise provides the perfect environment for couples to let their hair down and rekindle that pre-kids spark.”

Carnival Spirit and Carnival Legend offer free-spirited fun for couples looking to reconnect and bring the fun back into their family life. With over 45 activities a day, multiple live entertainment venues accompanied by delicious cocktails and cuisine, there’s something fun for all Honeyboomer couples to enjoy.

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