Beyond Our Boundaries makes travel accessible for everyone ·

Beyond Our Boundaries makes travel accessible for everyone

Beyond Our Boundaries, a recreation service for people with developmental disabilities has launched the Virtual Tours Vacation Box that takes individuals on an interactive travel experience without leaving the comfort of their own homes. The box is the first of its kind in the market, as there are no other current subscription-based boxes that focus solely on travel for individuals with developmental disabilities.

The Virtual Tours Vacation Box is an affordable and educational way for people with disabilities to encounter a thrilling travel experience firsthand. The box includes an engaging 30-minute video hosted by a self-advocate, travel souvenirs and interactive materials to spark discussion with a caregiver or family member.

Beyond Our Boundaries Founder, Debra Shumard, explained the inspiration for the box, “We created the  virtual tour box as a way to extend the travel experience to those who have difficulty taking conventional vacations due to limitations physically, monetarily or geographically.”

The first location for the Virtual Tours Vacation Box is Pittsburgh. Individuals will be guided through “the Steel City” through the eyes of travel guide and self-advocate, Bob. Viewers will experience the breathtaking Pittsburgh incline, set sail on the Gateway Clipper and discover new facts at the Carnegie Science Center, all through the eyes of someone with a developmental disability.

Beyond Our Boundaries also focuses on bringing the joy of travel to the developmentally disabled community through chaperoned trips of a lifetime to destinations like California, the Grand Canyon, Boston and London. Trips include a 1:3 chaperone supervision ratio, meals, lodging, transportation, activities and a personalized photo book mailed after the trip. Caregivers and family members can rest easy knowing their loved ones are in capable hands.

When discussing the future of the company, Shumard added, “Over the next few years, we hope to provide a variety of boxes from exciting locations all around the country. We believe one of the greatest benefits of traveling is the connection you make with fellow travelers. We also hope to help people who purchase the vacation boxes to connect to one another to create meaningful experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime.”

About Beyond Our Boundaries

Beyond Our Boundaries has been committed to creating travel experiences for those with developmental disabilities since 2001. The company was founded by Debra Shumard, a certified therapeutic recreation specialist who serves as a guardian for her adult brother with autism. Beyond Our Boundaries offers chaperoned trips of a lifetime for developmentally disabled adults to national and international locations in hopes of bringing individuals with developmental disabilities together for friendships and to set the stage for creating an active social life.

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