Experience life as a dugong keeper ·

Experience life as a dugong keeper

Sea Life Sydney launches world-first dugong experience

In an all-new and world-first experience, guests to Sea Life Sydney Aquarium now have the chance to experience life as a dugong keeper and get closer than ever to two of the only four dugongs in human care around the world!

Launching Saturday 14th April, guests will journey behind-the-scenes of the world-class aquarium and learn all the fascinating elements of what it takes to care for Sea Life Sydney’s famous rescue dugongs, Pig and Wuru, who have called Sea Life Sydney home since 2008. This includes getting to know the dugongs’ personal rescue stories, preparing lettuce to keep up with their diet of 60-80kg of lettuce a day, and facilitating different enrichment activities which they look forward to every day!

“We are so excited to launch the first ever dugong-related experience in the world! Being a dugong keeper and being able to work with such amazing creatures is a pretty incredible job. We can’t wait to give our guests insight into what we get up to everyday,” says Samantha Hillman, Senior Dugong Keeper at Sea Life Sydney. “Through this experience, guests will discover a lot about Pig and Wuru’s history, development, become part of the team and help us feed the dugongs, assist with their enrichment activities, and perhaps realise their passion for working with marine life!”

Richard Dilly, General Manager of Sea Life Sydney, says this experience has been specifically designed in response to customer requests and is the only one of its kind in the world.

“Following Pig’s media attention last year, we were inundated with requests from guests who wanted an experience that would allow them to learn and interact with our dugongs. We’re so pleased to have finally made this a reality, and be the only place in the world where you can enjoy this experience with a dugong! Both Pig and Wuru have now become quite the celebrities here at Sea Life Sydney and they can’t wait to have their fans join their team – even if just for the day!”

The Dugong Keeper experience is available for guests to Sea Life Sydney* to purchase as an add-on to their entry ticket ($50 per person), and includes:

  • A private behind-the-scenes tour of Sea Life Sydney’s dugong quarters
  • Overview of Pig and Wuru’s history, rescue and daily activities
  • Chance to prepare a lettuce tray to assist Wuru’s feed or facilitate Wuru’s enrichment activities (activity depending on dugong’s routine requirement at that time of day)
  • Access to lower platform on Dugong Island, allowing guests to get closer than ever before

Due to habitat loss, pollution and boat strikes, dugongs are currently listed as vulnerable in the wild. In line with Sea Life Sydney Aquarium’s Breed Rescue Protect program, Pig and Wuru serve as dugong ambassadors to help educate the public on the precious species, as well as assisting staff to better understand the species for future research and rescues.

Sea Life Sydney’s new Dugong Keeper experience launches for the public to book from Saturday 14th April, with eight sessions running every 30 minutes from 1-5pm daily.

What are you waiting for? The only thing left for you to du-gong, is to check availability and book online to save at https://www.sealifesydney.com.au/tickets/dugong-keeper-experience/

*Each session can accommodate for up to four people, with a minimum age requirement of 10 years. Guests aged 10-17 years require guardian supervision.

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