G Adventures reveals name of first agent ·

G Adventures reveals name of first agent

G Adventures announces winner of thirteenth, bonus spot on UMI in the Islands

In a surprise twist, leading small-group tour operator G Adventures has announced a winner of a thirteenth, bonus spot on their popular incentive, UMI in the Islands.

Rebecca Owen from STA Brisbane has been announced as the first agent on their way to the Galapagos.

The announcement was made via video, in the UMI Australia/NZ Facebook page.

To decide who would get the lucky space, the names of all 1,411 members of the UMI Australia/NZ Facebook group were written on post-its and then stuck onto the balls in the Outpost’s infamous ball pit meeting room.

The winning ball was then randomly drawn by Director of Sales (Australia and New Zealand), Ingrid Kocijan who, whilst donning a seal onesie, dived into the ball pit and came out with the ball with the lucky winners name.

The other twelve spots on UMI in the Islands, which will have agents spotting giant tortoises, sea lions and island birds in abundance, will be given to the six top sellers as well as six randomly picked agents who have booked at least one client during the months of the incentive.

So, who else is heading to the islands?  G Adventures promises that all will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

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