Genting Cruise Lines signs agreement of intent ·

Genting Cruise Lines signs agreement of intent

Signature JA Local produce to be served on summer cruises to Okinawa, Japan

Genting Cruise Lines is pleased to announce its collaboration with Okinawa Agricultural Cooperatives Association (JA Okinawa), and Leospo Incorporated (“Leospo Inc.”), introducing an exceptional gastronomic experience at sea with Okinawa’s finest selection of home-grown and locally produced premium delicacies, such as the world-famous Okinawa Wagyu beef and Okinawa Agu pork for its summer cruise itineraries to Okinawa on selected ships. Travellers can now experience and savour many of Okinawa’s fresh produce and offerings across the Genting Cruise Lines fleet, including signature and non-export delicacies that are only available in Japan. These Okinawan specialties will be served on Dream Cruises’ World Dream, as well as Star Cruises, which include SuperStar Virgo, SuperStar Aquarius and SuperStar Gemini.

Upon arrival of World Dream in Naha, Okinawa, Mr. Thatcher Brown, President of Dream Cruises signed the agreement of intent on behalf of Genting Cruise Lines. He said, “The long history of Genting Cruise Lines with Okinawa dates back to 1997, when we first called upon Naha; today Okinawa is one of our most popular summer destinations.  We are honoured to be the first cruise line to partner with JA Okinawa and Leospo Inc. on all of our 160 summer cruises to the picturesque islands of Ryukyu this year, where guests of Dream Cruises and Star Cruises will have the privilege to indulge in seasonal local produce and delicacies from Okinawa throughout their journeys from ship to shore.”

Okinawa Agu pork

Mr Tsutomu Oshiro, President of JA Okinawa said, “This agreement of intent will reinforce our working relationship with Genting Cruise Lines to promote Okinawa’s agricultural and livestock products. From now until the end of November, JA Okinawa will offer a wide variety of local produce, starting with Okinawa Wagyu beef and Okinawa Agu pork, both of which are bred in Okinawa’s warm climate and representative of Okinawa’s Safe and Trusted brand.  Guests will also enjoy our fruits and vegetables, such as Goya (bitter gourd) and pumpkins, as well as signature Okinawan food such as Sheikwasha (flat lemon) juice and brown sugar. We are confident that our collaboration with Genting Cruise Lines will help promote our products to inbound cruise guests f and lead to the next surge in exports.

Ms. Ling Lin, Vice President of Leospo Inc. said, “We are glad to connect Genting Cruise Lines and JA Okinawa on this collaboration to provide Okinawa specialties to cruise visitors from China. Upon the signing of agreement, we look forward to greet guests of Dream Cruises and Star Cruises with signature Okinawa food and produce, complementing their gastronomic cruise experience.

From April to November 2018, guests embarking on any of the Okinawa summer cruise itineraries with Dream Cruises or Star Cruises will enjoy specially designed thematic menus, using many of Okinawa’s finest delicacies such as the highly-acclaimed Okinawa Wagyu beef, which is primarily reserved for in-land consumption due to its scarce supply, as well as rich and succulent Okinawa Agu pork, a signature ingredient in the region’s cuisine.

The gastronomic journey will begin on World Dream, the latest member of Dream Cruises, where signature Okinawa Wagyu beef and Okinawa Agu pork will be served in traditional Japanese dishes such as Shabu Shabu (hot pot) and Teppanyaki (iron grill); Chinese food lovers will enjoy BBQ Okinawa Agu Pork, as well as two varieties of wok-fried dishes – Okinawa beef with bitter gourd and garlic, as well as Okinawa beef rib eye with preserved sweet plum sauce. The Okinawa prime rib roast will be perfect for those who crave for a good slab of juicy steak on their journey at sea.

Complementing their Okinawan experience at sea, guests of World Dream will also be immersed in Okinawan culture as they enjoy Sanshin music performances, arts & crafts workshops, Awamori appreciations and more.

The Okinawan menus will also be available on three of the Star Cruises ships – namely the flagship SuperStar Virgo, SuperStar Aquarius and SuperStar Gemini, with summer itineraries to idyllic destinations in Okinawa including Naha, Miyakojima, Ishigaki and Nakagusuku.

Explore the summer beauty of Okinawa with Genting Cruise Lines

Genting Cruise Lines will embark on a total of 160 cruises to Okinawa this summer with four cruise ships, comprising of Dream Cruises and Star Cruises, taking guests to picturesque Naha, Miyakojima, Ishigaki and Yonaguni.

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