Grass Weaving – Kathit Ngkaarli ·

Chern’ee shares her culture through art

ETB Travel News Ambassador and Contemporary Indigenous artist Chern’ee Sutton loves to share her peoples history and stories through her art, this week read the story of Grass Weaving.

Grass Weaving – Kathit Ngkaarli

For thousands of years Kalkadoon women have gathered the many different grasses, barks, plant materials and even hair to weave a vast variety of traditional items. The weaving would take a great deal of time with the woman collecting the materials and then drying them out and sometimes colouring the grasses by boiling them with ochres, tree roots and different barks to give the strands a different colour and look.

This painting represents my people’s connection with the lands and this ancient technique that has been passed down from generation to generation.

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