Kids in the bed kills honeymoon romance ·

Kids on a honeymoon is one thing. Sharing a bed with you is another.

Doesn’t seem quite right does it?  Make a booking for 4, there should be beds for 4.  The term becomes “bedding” in a lot of the contracts that get fed into global accommodation distribution systems.

When I have kids, that will mean wife and I in one bed, children in another. Preferably in another room. At my mum’s so I don’t miss out on sleep.

But it’s not the case for all cultures or hotel contractors who think that a Queen size bed sleeps a family.  How does this happen?

From a cultural angle you only need to consider history of Asian nations where space is extremely limited. As Australian’s, we are lucky that we have plenty of room to build decent sized housing that can accommodate larger families.  Until housing prices kicked off that is!

From a hotel perspective, it’s all about selling a product that is not margined by a travel agent. If you look at profit margins on the average room that costs $100 a night at a hotel, a foldout bed is a sweet little profit booster. It really enrages people though.

And so travel agents who have booked a hotel in Singapore (or a number of Asian destinations)  , will know that when it comes to bedding it can be a little cosy.

3 facts to consider when booking with roomsXML which will help prevent issues or lead to faster resolutions

  • If you book for 3 people, beds for three people should be provided – unless you accept T&C’s which say otherwise!
  • Read the conditions and notes – it will take you 12 seconds
  • See something weird or dodgy, especially “kids share a bed” then you
    • Accept those T&C’s and are bound by them OR
    • Book and let us know so we can follow up

    Without the checks in place, past experiences have seen 2 Adults and 2 Children allocated rooms that only have 1 bed, which is absurd!  Well, to us anyway.  As per above, n some cultures AND parenting belief systems in Australia, parents sharing a bed with kids is normal. If they are young children it might be ok, but not when they are in their teens….

    The nightmare scenario played out recently where a room was booked for a couple and their children that were going away for their honeymoon (unfortunately they had to take their kids along with them).

    Even though the hotel had been advised up-front that there were 4 pax in the room, they were allocated 1 King Bed . Romance….. gone.  Agents know the last person you want to upset on any type of trip is a honeymooner.

    Unfortunately on this occasion, the hotel turned around and pointed out the terms and conditions and notes which were accepted at the time of booking. It would appear that this profiteering approach (of course we can get you fold out beds for $20 a night…) Has been used more than once.

    By liaising with our offshore team and working across time zones, we were able to request that the hotel do the right thing and allocate a room appropriate for the number of pax in the room.   No more complaints indicated everyone was happy.

    Sadly, it is often buyer beware.  But good common sense will prevail (as well as a gun service team!)



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