Penny Spencer in very smart company on International Women’s Day ·

Penny Spencer in very smart company on International Women’s Day

Penny Spencer named in SmartCompany’s Top Female Entrepreneurs 2018 list

Respected travel industry entrepreneur and founder of the Spencer Group of Companies, Penny Spencer again finds herself recognised by SmartCompany on International Women’s Day.

“I’m thrilled about making SmartCompany’s list again”, says Penny Spencer.

“It recognises some absolutely brilliant people on this significant day. Some are household names, others are probably better known in boardrooms and the business pages. But one thing is common to each of them, I’m sure: As females, they’ve all had to ‘press for progress’ through their careers”, continues Spencer.

The 2018 list recognises 30 outstanding women who are right at the top of their games in a range of industries including retail, recruitment, telecommunications, technology, mining, food, fashion, fitness, property, cosmetics, stationery, digital services and travel.

“I marvel at the skills and tenacity of the wonderful, capable women in my own businesses every day. And on International Women’s Day, I acknowledge their contributions to every part of the Spencer success story”, says Spencer.

The 2018 list was topped by Gina Rinehart, Katie Page (Harvey Norman), and Vicky Teoh (TPG), and includes high-profile entrepreneurs Janine Allis, Michelle Bridges and Naomi Simson. Travel industry figures Charlotte Vidor (TOGA Group) and Sue Hollis (TravelEdge) also made the list.

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