Teds Travels – Bike riding in Chile ·

Teds Travels – Bike riding in Chile

In the last three years, Chile has won the title of the best adventure destination in South America by World Travel Awards. And if I am being honest, Chile has the merits. That is why, I would like to tell you about the best bike routes your clients do in Chile. Trust me, they will enjoy them all!

San Pedro de Atacama

One option while you are here is to bike all the way to Pukara de Quitor. It’s a 3-kilometre flat but rocky ride northwest from the main square. This stone fortress overlooks the valley of the river San Pedro and it’s a great opportunity to see a pre-Columbian archaeological site.

Another alternative is to bike to Valle de la Luna, have a picnic and see the sun go down. It’s a 5 kilometres ride from the town centre. Your clients will experience dessert as if they were on Mars. Though, don’t forget to tell your clients to bring lots of water even more than what they think they will need, sunscreen, a light and a reflective vest as they will be coming back at night.

Santiago and vineyards

The good part about cycling in cities is that you get to see the most beautiful non-tourist areas at your own pace. Santiago in particularly has now more than 280 kilometres of routes just for bikes. This city is full of classic and modern architecture, as well as unique alleys, old buildings, plazas, parks, markets and culture that makes it the perfect bike destination. The more you bike through Santiago the more you get to see how life unfolds on those busy streets of this modern and vibrant city.

That’s not all. Santiago is close to amazing vineyards that your clients can also do by bike. Ridding through country roads flanked by old-trees and the gently landscapes of the wine valleys while visiting boutique wineries and admire the snow-capped mountains on the horizon is a must do.

Valparaiso and Viña del Mar

Tell you clients to ditch the bus and take a bike to explore the 15-kilometre coastal road from Valparaiso to Viña del Mar. For some this might seem a lot, but trust me, the views your clients will see at a slower rhythm are going to change all your perspectives. Aim to leave around 3 for better weather and eventually catch the sunset.

Patagonia and Carretera Austral

If Patagonia is already an adventure it self whether you do it by car or by foot, undoubtedly, by bicycle is a completely different thing. Riding a bike through Patagonia is a challenge for the mind, body and spirit to overcome all your limitations. Not just the distance between destinations but also the weather conditions can be extreme. But if your clients are up for a big challenge, this will do. However, the beauty of the lakes, volcanos, glaciers, forest and fjords as you approach them after a long day riding will be the best reward.

For those looking for off the beaten path routes in Chile or South America, contact us!

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