Travel Counsellors reflect on the benefits of having an inhouse counsellor ·

One year on: Travel Counsellors reflect on the benefits of having an in-house counsellor

To help agents meet the unique challenges that come with running a home-based enterprise, Travel Counsellors working from home offices around Australia have access to free, confidential sessions with a professional psychotherapist, a service that has been available since August 2017.

In addition to being supported by a robust global head office team that provide business coaching as well as administrative, technological, marketing and accounts support, Travel Counsellors have been offering access appointments with Melbourne-based professional psychotherapist, Monika Polemicos. And it’s not just a benefit for the Travel Counsellors. The service is also available for staff at the Melbourne Head Office too.

Monika’s background in psychology, wellness coaching and stress management puts her in a good position to assist Travel Counsellors to overcome health and wellbeing challenges to live fulfilled, empowered lives. Working in the field for more than 16 years, Monika has a wealth of experience helping others to reach their full potential.

Business owners often put their business, families and children before themselves, so this important initiative helps to remove the financial barriers and time constraints that stop business owners from seeking professional help in times of need. With the free sessions available via Skype or telephone, Travel Counsellors have been able to seek assistance for any personal or professional matter they would like to talk about from the comfort of their own home, eliminating the need to spend time travelling to an appointment.

Travel Counsellors Regional Managing Director Kaylene Shuttlewood thinks that the unparalleled levels of support offered by the company set the brand apart from the rest. “Running a home-based travel business offers freedom, flexibility and uncapped earning potential, but just like other business owners, Travel Counsellors need to safeguard their health,” says Kaylene. “Offering free, confidential access to a professional psychotherapist is just one of the ways Travel Counsellors supports its network of agents. Support also comes in other many other forms, including one-on-one business coaching, so Travel Counsellors agents are empowered to build their travel businesses in a balanced, sustainable way.”

About Travel Counsellors

Founded in 1994, Travel Counsellors is the world’s largest home-based travel company with over 1,800 self-employed travel consultants and a global support team of over 400 staff. The company is headquartered in Manchester U.K, with operations in Australia, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Travel Counsellors Australia Pty Ltd. was established in 2007. Today, nearly 150 Travel Counsellors run their own travel business from home with the support of a Melbourne based Head Office. Travel Counsellors Australia is proud to be a full member of IATA and AFTA and is accredited with ATAS and CLIA.

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