Etihad EY450 AUH-SYD Business Class ·

Etihad EY450 AUH-SYD Business Class

Carrier: Etihad Airways

Flight Number: EY450 dep AUH @ 10:35 Duration: 13h10m

Class: Business Class

Aircraft: Airbus A380-800

Check-in experience:

Etihad’s facilities at Abu Dhabi International Airport’s Terminal 3 are second to none, making the check-in experience as easy as possible for the airline’s passengers. Separate entrances for First, Business, and Economy Classes streamline the check-in process, with each area having dedicated counters, passport control, and security. The ultrafriendly staff make sure this first interaction with the airline sets a positive mood for the flight to come.

On-time performance:

The plane departed with a slight, intentional delay necessary in order not to arrive in Sydney before the lifting of SYD’s curfew at 6AM. The flight landed ten minutes ahead of schedule.

Seat/Cabin conditions:

The large Business Class cabin of Etihad’s A380 accommodates its passengers in style and comfort. As on other recent flights, the seats are comfortable, the personal space ample, and the cabin crew attentive. The 1-2-1 seat configuration typical of many airlines’ First Class cabins is the standard in Etihad’s A380 Business Class.

Food And Beverage:

As an overnight flight that departs in the morning, a rigid food service could be potentially confusing for both passengers and crew. Etihad’s Dine Anytime service precluded any problems aligning meals with body clocks. A hot lunch was prepared and served at a time indicated to the flight attendant; other food was available to be made to order throughout the flight according to individual preferences.


The large video screen and easy controls make using the entertainment system a pleasure. A wide variety of international films, television shows, and music is available from the moment passengers board the aircraft until they exit at the destination.


Sydney Airport was very busy with multiple flights arriving in a short space of time, but Etihad’s Fast Track card allowed Business Class passengers to go to a dedicated arrival counter for Immigration if that option was preferred over the automated kiosks. Baggage was delivered relatively quickly.


Whether spending time in one’s seat or enjoying the lounge space at the front of the Business Class cabin, the high standard of an Etihad flight experience makes long flights such as this go by as pleasantly as possible.

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