Google increases its AI functionality for travel

Google is further integrating its generative artificial intelligence (AI) product, Bard, with its suite of apps and services, giving Bard the ability to answer more specific travel requests.

Bard users starting today will be prompted to link to other Google accounts, including Gmail, Docs and Drive. That will give Bard the ability to summarize and answer questions about users’ personal details, like upcoming travel arrangements.

Bard will also be integrated with YouTube, Google Maps, Google Flights and Google Hotels, and be able to incorporate real-time data in its answers.

Conversations had with Bard around travel plans can easily be shared with others via Bard’s link-sharing feature.

Google provided a few travel-related prompts users might try with Bard’s new capabilities, such as asking for a pro-con list about visiting Lake Tahoe or Yosemite on a weekend trip from San Francisco, suggesting a two-day itinerary that includes attractions within walking distance of Mexico City’s Condesa neighborhood, and finding a hotel reservation in a user’s Gmail account and providing information about the neighborhood and nearby restaurants.

Google said any persnal data that Bard can access will not be used to train its public-facing model of the AI. Access can be disabled at any time. 

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