Amadeus appoints experienced R&D leader Sylvain Roy ·

Amadeus appoints experienced R&D leader Sylvain Roy

Amadeus today announces that Sylvain Roy has been appointed SVP of Technology, Platforms Engineering at Amadeus (TPE) and will also join the company’s Executive Committee.

In this role Roy will be responsible for delivering consistently stable and reliable platforms across all of Amadeus’ businesses, with a strong focus on continuing to automate operations and drive innovation within Amadeus’ cloud-based architecture.

Roy, who in his most recent role as Vice President was leading Amadeus’ R&D Airlines Digital products and services organisation covering more than 700 employees across 10+ sites worldwide, is an established engineering and technical leader at Amadeus.

With proven expertise and experience across the full range of Amadeus’ technology spectrum, from back-end to front-end and across all business lines, Roy has also played a significant role in turning creative conceptual ideas into successful commercial products in his more than fifteen years with the business.

Roy has previously held the role of R&D Director covering digital products for airlines, with specific responsibility for the company’s e-commerce websites, including mobile, kiosks and call center applications. Before that Roy managed Amadeus’ availability and disruption products and also spent time in the company’s R&D ticketing business, leading operations to ensure the smooth issuance of flight tickets, with a clear focus on pricing and payments.

Before joining Amadeus, Roy spent a year in New Zealand researching Machine Learning, and previously spent more than two years at the Medianet-Works consultancy. A French native, Roy holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from Ecole Polytechnique.

Luis Maroto, President & CEO of Amadeus, mentioned: “Sylvain has proved over many years at Amadeus that he has the expertise, experience and vision to lead our Technology, Platforms & Engineering organisation. He has consistently delivered outstanding results for this company and understands our customers’ needs – in particular, the demands of running mission-critical operations flawlessly for them. Importantly, Sylvain is an Amadeus home grown leader – he implicitly understands this business, and the technology, software and platforms that underpin it.”.

Maroto continues: “I am looking forward to welcoming Sylvain to our Executive Committee, and I know that the entire leadership team will benefit from his independent thinking, his diverse technical skillset, and his delivery-orientated approach”.

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