Review: Armani Spa in Dubai in a league of its own

There are spas, and then there are spas. The Armani/Spa at the Armani Hotel Dubai, however, is in a league of its own.

If the slash in the name leaves you confused, don’t be. With how delightfully minimalist everything at the Armani Hotel is, of course the spa would be named with similar flair. And it’s just such an environment that can wipe away years of stress.

Needless to say, this contemporary imperial spa will pamper you with luxury that meets exceedingly high standards of service. From the moment you enter, lush interiors and soothingly gradiented grey walls blend with diffused lighting, welcoming, and encouraging you forget that there might be a world outside.

Pamper yourself with treatments that last less than half an hour,  or span the length of a day

On the menu is a comprehensive range of classic à la carte treatments on offer as well as Armani’s Signature collection of massages, face and body treatments, manicures and pedicures, some lasting as long as a full day, if you can spare it. Each is complemented by sequential thermal bathing.

The classic treatments are true and tested, but other experiences we’d recommend for fast moving, loathe-to- spare-a-minute business executives, are the half hour essential touches that focus on specific parts of the face or body.If you’re in for something longer and more therapeutic, try the lymphatic draining massage, or the hot stone massage. Each treatment is delivered by experienced therapists and designed for a luxurious experience, and with the choicest of ingredients.

The age master treatment, for instance, utilises the reviscentalis extract that is only found on the 4,000-year-old island of Pantelleria, known for its fertile and mineral-rich volcanic land, and which Giorgio Armani himself visits each summer.

End the day with a dip in the outdoor pool and take a view of the spectacular Burj Khalifa. There really is nothing like it.

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