Here's an easy way to book boat charters in Hawaii

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations for boaters in the United States. There are many group boat tours available off each of the Hawaiian Islands. But if you want to plan an outing on a boat exclusively for you and your group, there’s a website and app that lists boat rentals and charters to rent by the hour.

“We’re the world’s largest boat rental and boat charter booking platform,” said Val Streif, marketing manager for the international booking platform GetMyBoat. “We’re curating all the different options in one area, so you can kind of shop around and compare prices all in one place.” 

One of the offerings on GetMyBoat is a two-hour guided clear kayak and snorkeling tour at $70 per person, per hour.

A recent search of GetMyBoat offerings in Hawaii brought up 88 listings, with the majority on the island of Oahu, but there are also rentals available on Maui and the Big Island. The website also lists a range of different boat types and experiences that include yachts, catamarans, sail boats, fishing boats, gondolas, paddleboards and kayaks.

The majority of the listings are from “brick-and-mortar charter companies who use our app as like a booking platform to get customers,” Streif said. It also isn’t unusual to run across a charter boat on this platform that is used for group tours. 

Each captain and owner sets their own rates and terms, so it’s important to read each description. Some will allow one-hour charters, while others require a three-hour minimum. Streif said the most common rental is four hours or a half day.

Once you find a boat you like, the next step would be to click “send an inquiry,” through which you can describe the hours and dates you’re interested in. This is also where you can mention if you require any special accommodations, such as letting the boat owner know that it’s for a proposal or even a family reunion.

The owner or captain will respond with an offer, and then you can either accept it and confirm payment or cancel the inquiry altogether. GetMyBoat also has a 24/7 customer service team, which can help with questions along the way.

Many of the boats offered provide a captain, and Streif recommends these. “It keeps everyone safe, and it’s a lot more fun to boat when you don’t have to worry about driving,” she said. Captains go through a vetting and verification process prior to being added to GetMyBoat. 

If the renter prefers to captain, however, they must follow Hawaii’s laws and regulations, and ensure that they have the appropriate certifications.

Travel agent commissions are available at $50 per booking by joining GetMyBoat’s affiliate program via [email protected].

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