This ‘hybrid’ burger has mad some people rage

Fifty per cent beef, fifty perfect fake — all controversial.

UK-based craft beer and pub chain BrewDog, a popular eatery among locals and tourists alike, has come under fire on Twitter for its earnest attempt at bridging the food world gap between meat eaters and faux-meat eaters with its “Hybrid Burger” launch.


50% plant-based Beyond Meat & 50% beef burger patty.
Melted vegan gouda cheese.
Crispy onion straws.
Potato rosti.
All sandwiched between Matcha Tea buns.

50% less meat, 100% delicious.

Try it now in your local burger-flipping BrewDog bar.

The newest offering is made with a 50/50 patty mixture of beef burger and Beyond Meat. The patty is stacked under a potato rosti cake, crispy onion straws, melted vegan gouda cheese and sandwiched between matcha tea buns.

As someone who enjoys meat, this burger is dumb.

I do enjoy the idea of eating a Beyond Burger to see how it actually compares to real meat, but when its 50/50, what's the point???

All or nothing

Much like the patty itself, the Hybrid Burger — which the restaurant touts as “50% less meat, 100% delicious” — has received mixed reviews, with most criticising the burger as unnecessary.

That said, there were a number of people who admitted they would like to try the burger — or at least understood where the company was coming from with the offering.

You saw the vegan patty on it too right? It seems like they’re doing a hybrid burger, getting the best of both worlds, like a food bridge between them, that only one side will eat, maybe learning a little more about the other 🤷‍♂️

Despite the backlash, BrewDog defended its quirky menu addition, stating it was meant to offer an option to those who are interested in meat alternatives but do not want to completely stop eating meat.

We’ve seen a growing demand for alternative proteins, and we already stock vegan friendly options in all of our bars, but we wanted to do something for flexitarians – people looking to cut down but not totally stop eating meat.

As the demand for fake meat grows, Beyond Meat has been added to the menu of many chains across the globe.

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