US Travel Applauds Opening of National Parks

U.S. National Parks is in a phased reopening after the coronavirus outbreak shuttered the areas. Although wildlife was certainly enjoying the freedom to roam uninhibited, the U.S. Travel Association praised the restoration of visitor access.

“The phased reopening of national parks is a welcome sign that the country is taking further steps toward a reopening strategy that focuses on caution and safety, but begins to unshackle the devastated U.S. travel economy,” said U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow.

“Polling data shows that six in 10 Americans are eager to travel again, but that right now they feel most comfortable recreating outdoors and doing their destination travel by car,” Dow added. “National parks are ideal for both. The 419 geographically diverse national parks are readily accessible to virtually the entire U.S. population, and less than a third of them charge entrance fees.”

Dow also noted that it was important to observe guidelines.

“The U.S. travel community is encouraged that as travelers and travel-related businesses embrace proper COVID-19-related health and safety guidance, the ability of Americans to move around and engage in leisure activity need not remain at a complete standstill,” he said. “It would be fitting if this holiday weekend marked a progress point in the gradual return to a normal way of life in this country, and we thank the administration and the National Park Service for their carefully considered approach to reopening.”

The National Park Service noted that, while many places will reopen, there may be areas that continue to remain closed to visitors.

Some of the most popular parks in the U.S. have started partially opening to the public, including Everglades National Park in Florida, Mount Rainier National Park in Washington, Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky and Pinnacles National Park in California.

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