Visit West Hollywood Launches Dedicated Website for Travel Advisors

WHY IT RATES: This new educational tool provides a one-stop-shop for travel advisors looking to learn about and sell West Hollywood. —Janeen Christoff, TravelPulse Senior Writer

The West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board is launching its first-ever training and resource website for travel advisors, making it easier than ever for industry professionals to become experts in selling the stylish and swanky destination to their clients.

The West Hollywood University, an online travel portal, features marketing and sales planning tools, detailed destination highlights, media gallery and an educational course that will acquaint them with all the logistical knowledge to make travelers’ dream getaways become reality.

The site will inform advisors on the dynamic experiences found within West Hollywood’s 1.9 square miles—19 hotels ranging from ultra-luxe to uber-trendy, Michelin-recommended restaurants, world-famous nightlife and music and entertainment scene, and wide-ranging wellness and retail options for every taste—as well as the nuanced spirit of the place.

West Hollywood has long been a haven of inclusivity for creative dreamers, the LGBTQ community and revelers of any kind, making the destination a unicorn of sorts amidst the hustle of Greater L.A. All of these highlights are covered in the West Hollywood University training course, helping travel advisors convey the vibrant character of the destination.

Travel advisors and community partners can also complete a special training through the new site that will certify them as official West Hollywood Tourism Graduates.

The first 200 “graduates” to complete the training earn a West Hollywood University pennant and will be entered to win a raffle drawing for a two-night stay at a West Hollywood hotel, dinner for two at one of the city’s hottest restaurants and a two-hour tour for two with Bikes and Hikes L.A.

“We’re thrilled to roll out a program that helps travel advisors–who are some of our greatest ambassadors – share the uniquely special experience that is West Hollywood,” says Tom Kiely, president and CEO of West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board. “The spirit of West Hollywood goes far beyond our gorgeous hotel properties and incredible restaurants. It’s a culture unto itself, and it’s important for travel professionals to fully grasp this distinction to better serve their clientele.”

West Hollywood University is complimentary to all verified travel advisors and available in mobile format.

Destination photography, videos, marquee events and fast facts about how to get to and around town are all on hand.

SOURCE: Visit West Hollywood press release.

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