31 Cities Where You Could Make Less Than $100k and Still Be 'Rich'

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Being “rich” means something different to most people.

GoBankingRates released a new study that determined the American cities where you can still be considered “rich” earning an income of less than $100,000.

The study defined being rich or wealthy as “one with more money or assets relative to others in a society.” GoBankingRates looked at household income percentiles and concluded that an individual making more than 80% of their community is “rich.”

They study also factored in median home values from Zillow and data from Sperling’s Best Places on grocery costs, utilities, healthcare, and transportation.

Below, check out the 31 cities where making between $60,000 and $100,000 puts you in the top 20% of earners in your area.

31. Las Vegas, Nevada

Top 80th percentile income: $99,470

Median top-tier home price: $393,600

Monthly mortgage: $1,870

30. Dallas, Texas

Top 80th percentile income: $99,244

Median top-tier home price: $396,400

Monthly mortgage: $1,875

29. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Top 80th percentile income: $98,128

Median top-tier home price: $304,600

Monthly mortgage: $1,466

28. Nashville, Tennessee

Top 80th percentile income: $97,910

Median top-tier home price: $430,100

Monthly mortgage: $2,041

27. St. Petersburg, Florida

Top 80th percentile income: $96,609

Median top-tier home price: $348,700

Monthly mortgage: $1,659

26. Louisville, Kentucky

Top 80th percentile income: $95,483

Median top-tier home price: $277,700

Monthly mortgage: $1,385

25. Kansas City, Missouri

Top 80th percentile income: $95,477

Median top-tier home price: $321,100

Monthly mortgage: $1,587

24. Baltimore, Maryland

Top 80th percentile income: $95,111

Median top-tier home price: $467,300

Monthly mortgage: $2,270

23. San Antonio, Texas

Top 80th percentile income: $94,978

Median top-tier home price: $322,500

Monthly mortgage: $1,589

22. Jacksonville, Florida

Top 80th percentile income: $94,400

Median top-tier home price: $351,900

Monthly mortgage: $1,729

21. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Top 80th percentile income: $93,091

Median top-tier home price: $263,600

Monthly mortgage: $1,312

20. New Orleans, Louisiana

Top 80th percentile income: $92,179

Median top-tier home price: $321,800

Monthly mortgage: $1,593

19. Richmond, Virginia

Top 80th percentile income: $91,506

Median top-tier home price: $362,300

Monthly mortgage: $1,775

18. Columbus, Ohio

Top 80th percentile income: $91,198

Median top-tier home price: $332,700

Monthly mortgage: $1,645

17. Providence, Rhode Island

Top 80th percentile income: $88,406

Median top-tier home price: $453,100

Monthly mortgage: $2,210

16. Indianapolis, Indiana

Top 80th percentile income:$87,809

Median top-tier home price: $271,500

Monthly mortgage: $1,352

15. Orlando, Florida

Top 80th percentile income: $87,199

Median top-tier home price: $351,900

Monthly mortgage: $1,729

14. Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Top 80th percentile income: $87,062

Median top-tier home price: $239,600

Monthly mortgage: $1,200

13. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Top 80th percentile income: $86,567

Median top-tier home price: $398,500

Monthly mortgage: $1,950

12. El Paso, Texas

Top 80th percentile income: $86,307

Median top-tier home price: $190,800

Monthly mortgage: $967

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11. St. Louis, Missouri

Top 80th percentile income: $81,034

Median top-tier home price: $298,500

Monthly mortgage: $1,480

10. Cincinnati, Ohio

Top 80th percentile income: $80,947

Median top-tier home price: $285,300

Monthly mortgage: $1,375

9. Memphis, Tennessee

Top 80th percentile income: $78,860

Median top-tier home price: $263,200

Monthly mortgage: $1,317

8. Miami, Florida

Top 80th percentile income: $76,933

Median top-tier home price: $479,800

Monthly mortgage: $2,334

7. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Top 80th percentile income: $76,339

Median top-tier home price: $354,900

Monthly mortgage: $1,747

6. Tuscon, Arizona

Top 80th percentile income: $76,297

Median top-tier home price: $340,300

Monthly mortgage: $1,676

5. Buffalo, New York

Top 80th percentile income: $74,421

Median top-tier home price: $263,900

Monthly mortgage: $1,326

4. Hartford, Connecticut

Top 80th percentile income: $69,254

Median top-tier home price: $345,800

Monthly mortgage: $1,701

3. Birmingham, Alabama

Top 80th percentile income: $68,837

Median top-tier home price: $285,600

Monthly mortgage: $1,423

2. Cleveland, Ohio

Top 80th percentile income: $60,143

Median top-tier home price: $259,600

Monthly mortgage: $1,257

1. Detroit, Michigan

Top 80th percentile income: $58,926

Median top-tier home price: $312,000

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