Dallas: A stroll along THAT grassy knoll

Synonymous with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Dallas has learned to accept its role in history. And it honours JFK’s life and death with aplomb. Housed in the Texas School Book Depository Building, the Sixth Floor Museum only opened to the public in 1989, 25 years after the catastrophe, in the very location where Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly gunned him down. The area where Oswald is believed to have crouched by the window and fired is encased in plexiglass, stacked high with the sort of boxes that would have been there on the fateful day. It’s an eerie, freeze-framed sight.

But this savvy museum goes much further than just serving up a window view on history, meticulously unpacking the facts and theories that still embroil one of the USA’s darkest days. The first part of the museum showcases JFK, both the man and his times, exploring the social currents that shaped the 1960s including the Civil Rights struggles and the Cold War. Even Marilyn Monroe gets a mention, with respect to JFK’s foibles. You could spend hours consuming the comprehensive displays that deftly delve into the Warren Commission, its findings and the multitude of conspiracy theories that still elicit debate today.

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