Delta Just Became the Third U.S. Airline to Raise Baggage Fees in Less Than a Month

Delta has become the third U.S. airline to increase checked baggage fees in a matter of weeks.

It will now cost $30 to check one bag for economy class passengers, according to USA Today. It previously cost $25. A second checked bag will now cost $40, up from $35.

The industry-wide fee increases began on August 27 when JetBlue became the first U.S. airline to charge economy passengers $30 for their first checked bag, an increase from $25. Less than a week later, United began charging the same.

Discount airlines Spirit and Allegiant already charge $30 for a passenger’s first checked bag.

American Airlines has so far not increased their baggage fees. It costs economy passengers $25 to check their first bag on domestic flights and $35 for a second bag.

The fee increases are likely due to a recent rise in fuel prices affecting all airlines.

“Fuel prices are up over 33 percent this year,” JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes explained earlier this month. “You end up having to pass those on. We’re about low fares. We hate increasing fares. But we had a couple of fare increases, and then we made the decision to increase the bag fee to $30 if you don’t buy it in the fare.”

Southwest remains the only airline in the U.S. that allows passengers to travel with two checked bags for free.

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