Eat like a local and cook like a local with these cooking classes

Fancy yourself a whiz in the kitchen, or want to learn how to cook locally inspired food?

According to, more than half of travellers (54 per cent) want to experience more unique dining experiences when on holiday. One way to discover the hidden secrets of local food is by taking a cooking class when travelling. You’ll gain an impressive repertoire of recipes to show off to friends and family when you get home and recreate your favourite unique dining experience.

So, grab your passport, pack your apron and get ready to head out on the ultimate gourmet getaway.

Kumamoto, Japan

Dumplings, miso soup and sushi are just a few of the mouthwatering local delicacies you can learn to make in Japan. At Cooking in Kumamoto, you’ll meet the locals, learn about the unique history of the area, and more importantly, get hands on and make some locally inspired food such as ‘sudden’ dumplings and even some Japanese sweets.

Steeped in tradition and flavour, Quito is home to Ecuador’s food scene. Gain full access to the country’s immense food culture with The Quito Culinary Tour and Cooking Class. A personal guide will take you on a walking tour of the city where you sample rich tamales as well as freshly made pastries, all while learning about the history of this ancient city. Meet the renowned chefs and bakers of the district and then try your hand at making your very own Ecuadorian meal.

Where to stay: Hotel Patio Andaluz is located in the heart of Quito, making it the ideal spot to explore the city and its rich history. Declared an official Ecuadorian national treasure, this hotel is just as vibrant as the city it dwells in. Find yourself immersed in the city’s uniqueness the moment you walk through the doors of the Andaluz.

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