Lufthansa helps Oktoberfest get off to a flying start with inflight beer kegs

As Oktoberfest begins this week in Munich, Germany’s top-flight airline has been getting into the spirit of things.

Lufthansa announced that it will be hauling round kegs of draft beer on its drinks trolleys. This traditional Teutonic tipple will be served on flights out of Singapore and New York.

To serve beer at 30,000ft the German carrier had to design special kegs to deal with atmospheric pressure. Normally beer barrels would explode in a pressurised cabin, but this technical obstacle to getting a cold stein mass of beer midflight was overcome with typical ingenuity.

In preparation the airline has imported over 4000kg of Leberkaese, more than 38,000 pretzels and more than 680 kg of Weissewurst to stock up the flight lounges of Munich Airport.

Crew and lounge staff members will also be decked out in traditional dress. This consists of knee high Lederhosen for men and blue Dirndl women.

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