Mark Murphy Talks Shoulder Season Travel Deals

Shoulder season may just be another fancy term for offseason but that doesn’t mean travelers shouldn’t take it seriously.

Last week, travAlliancemedia president and CEO, Mark Murphy made a slew of appearances on various television and radio programs around the country, discussing some of best travel deals out there this fall and sharing his tips to ensure your trip is memorable for all the right reasons.

“Right now, Mexico is spectacular in terms of the pricing. The people are fantastic and I don’t think you can get a better bargain in the market today,” he said during an appearance on Local Memphis Live.

While plenty of media outlets have falsely reported that Mexico’s top tourist destinations are unsafe due to crime, Murphy stresses the importance of sifting through the mainstream media hysteria to find the important facts.

“I’ve got firsthand experience. I’ve probably been there six or seven times so far this year. It’s completely safe. In fact, the State Department has come out and said that for American tourists it’s totally safe to travel to Mexico,” added Murphy. “It’s only some of these interior spots that have issues and you have to look at the State Department warning on their website and get the facts because it’s been misreported by a lot of outlets.”

Murphy himself has been speaking with vacationers in Mexico about the unfounded safety concerns.

“If you want the extra piece of mind, buy travel insurance,” added Murphy. “I get it for all of my employees. We use a company called Allianz Global Assistance. That gives you the added peace of mind should something go awry.”

Canada is another tremendous value destination for Americans this fall.

“The Canadian dollar to the U.S. dollar is 35-40 percent better for us than it was four or five years ago. Toronto, Quebec, Montreal, Vancouver, Banff, there are so many great choices,” Murphy points out. “This is total offseason right now, so that, with the exchange rate benefit, you can’t beat it.”

Looking to head overseas? Consider a European river cruise with AmaWaterways.

“The best part about river cruising is you get right into the village. You just walk off and you’re there in the destination. It’s very convenient, you only unpack once and you just enjoy your vacation,” Murphy told Local Memphis Live.

If you’re still not sure where to start or simply want to avoid booking headaches while ensuring your trip goes as planned, your best bet is to talk to a travel agent. “Call a travel agent. They know what they’re talking about and the price you pay is the same whether you book your own cruise and they’ll give you unbiased advice,” he added.

You can watch Murphy’s appearance on Local Memphis Live in its entirety below:

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