New Zealand’s most ridiculous travel complaints

From “smelly mud pools” to a national bird that’s a “bit boring”, brutally honest online reviews have uncovered many truths about our tourist attractions – as well as a lot of confusion.

Lusty Glaze Beach in Newquay is a small, ruggedly charming beach, the kind of which you only find on Britain’s bracing south west coast. In 2017, it was named ‘beach of the year’ by the local tourism board, but now it has a new accolade to boast: “most ridiculous visitor complaint”, as awarded by The Guardian.

A scathing review was posted to the beach’s Facebook page complaining of “a big rock in the middle part of the beach.” The visitor had cut herself while swimming and thought the
dangerous” features should be removed.

Lusty Glaze replied, saying they were sadly not sure about what could be done about their “little natural feature” but they “hope this lady gets well soon.”

Management of privately owned Cornish beach said it had received a number of memorable questions and complaints from visitors over the years, including “what time do the waves start?” and “when will the dolphins appear?” but they could not remember anyone complaining about the rocks.

New Zealand’s attractions also have their own fair share of unusual complaints.

The country’s abundance of visitors has led to a more than a few confused and equally bewildering reviews.

As a country of four million catering to an impressive 3.5 million annual international visitors, tourist contentment is the lifeblood of New Zealand’seconomy.

The increasing importance of online reviews mean that most attractions will bend over backwards to appease a sightseer who feels slighted. However, some things are just beyond their control.

Here are some of the most unusual and entertaining TripAdvisor complaints from tourists visiting NZ.

Dormant volcanoes leave visitors fuming

The volcanic landscape and distinct lava formations surrounding Auckland gives it one of the most attractive and distinctive skylines in the world – but not everyone is impressed.

One tourist’s magma filled dreams were extinguished on a day trip to Rangitoto Island. After returning on the Fullers Ferry trip they took to TripAdvisor to complain the “Extinct volcano crater [was] disappointing…..just a hole with a few trees.”

Likewise, Mount Eden’s green crater has left some tourists cold.

“No[t] a lot to see of what was once a Volcano (unless you have a vivid imagination)” wrote one reviewer – although he found it good value.

“It’s free so put it on your to do list whilst you are in Auckland”

Another disgruntled Airbnb user staying near the volcano was not convinced, reasoning “there was no lava. I’m pretty sure it was just a mountain.”

Kiwi bird… a bit boring

It’s New Zealand’s national bird – one of the rarest and most unique animals in the world. Many New Zealanders go their whole life without seeing a kiwi, but not everyone is impressed.

A visitor to Wellington’s Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre thought the flightless nocturnal bird was barely worth writing home about.

They did, however, find time to complain about the resident albino kiwi.

They found the bird sanctuary “extremely boring. Not much to see. Only saw the white kiwi bird which was not very impressive. Thought that there’ll be more kiwi birds for viewing”.

The harsh appreciation of New Zealand’s unshowy national bird is sure to ruffle a few feathers.

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