Retail therapy: Why we’re travelling for fashion

The relationship between fashion and travel extends beyond the clothes we wear on holiday – some of us will even choose a destination over it.

Travellers are increasingly seeking out fashionable destinations to travel to, according to new research from, with 28 per cent of Kiwi travellers choosing a destination for its shopping and fashion options.

Choosing a destination because of its style also extends to other factors, over half of these fashionable travellers seeking out a cool food scene (59 per cent), stunning architecture (52 per cent) and great nightlife (42 per cent).

Stylish locals are also a bonus, with 23 per cent seeking inspiration for their own personal looks – and 25 per cent choose a location’s style appeal whether it’s been seen on social media.

Despite his job, Viva’s fashion editor Dan Ahwa says shopping is his least favourite thing to do on a trip – especially for clothes.

“I do know what I like and tend to shop during abnormal hours or online to avoid people,” he says.

“When I’m traveling I like to pick up a few things that are not available back home. It’s a good way to learn about a city or culture when you get the chance to explore the local fashion scene in particular.

“It’s also a great way to support the local economy and introduce people back home to a designer they’re unfamiliar with. While I don’t often like to shop, if I see something I like I’ll buy it.”

Here are some of Dan’s favourite places to shop overseas:

The Broken Arm / 12 Rue Perree in Paris. It’s a mix of French and international designers for men and women, and there’s also a great selection of magazines and books.

Fashion Walk / Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. This place is super stylish and you can stop for equally tasty Dim Sum or sample some of the local craft beer. Favourite shops in the area are AMI (French menswear brand – a good selection here), D-Mop (local and international street-wear), Studious (cool Japanese menswear).

Miami Design District. There’s pockets of Miami that are definitely worth visiting if the 24/7 flesh on display in South Beach gets tiresome. Pick up a cigar and authentic Cuban shirt on Calle Ocho in the Cuban district of Little Havana or head to the newly developed Design District for some great design and fashion stores, from interior designer Johanthan Adler’s glamourous Miami outpost to upbeat beachwear from Miami’s local fashion community.

Everlane / 461 Valencia St, San Francisco. Low-key, American sporstwear ethically made. You can find Everlane around the US, but this San Fran store is one of the least stressful places in the world to buy clothes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the discreet shop fit out and efficient and friendly service that Californians do best.

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