The new Museum of Illusions in New York: It will boggle your mind

NEW YORK–Manhattan has a new museum that aims to boggle the mind.

The Museum of Illusions opened this week in a historic old bank building in Chelsea. It has more than 70 exhibits based on science, mathematics, biology, and psychology.

But it’s not that straightforward. The museum consists of illusionistic rooms, optical illusions and a playroom with didactic games and puzzles.

And unlike other museums, visitors can run, scream, touch exhibits, and take as many photos as they want.

“Not only is it an Instagram-friendly place. It’s educational,” Renne Gjoni, CEO of the Museum of Illusions, said during a recent tour.

The idea is to teach visitors about perception, vision, and the human brain. In essence, sometimes our eyes see things that our brains don’t understand.

The New York Museum of Illusions is one of seven around the world. The first one opened in Zagreb, Croatia. The others are in: Kuala Lumpur, Muscat in Oman, Vienna, Ljubljana in Slovenia, and Zadar in Croatia.

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